Make friends with your astro an­gel

Use this med­i­ta­tion to con­nect with the zo­diac an­gel of your star sign

Spirit and Destiny - - Zodiac Angels Masterclass -

1 Switch off your phone and light a white can­dle. Then, sit com­fort­ably with your back straight and arms re­laxed on your lap with your hands fac­ing up in a ges­ture of re­ceiv­ing.

2 Close your eyes, breath­ing deeply, in and out, al­low­ing your mus­cles to re­lax with ev­ery out breath. Fo­cus on the space be­tween your eyes, vi­su­al­is­ing the colour of the night sky.

3 Now imag­ine you are float­ing into the gal­axy, and see your­self sur­rounded by 12 bright, shin­ing stars of dif­fer­ent colours, all cir­cling slowly round you.

4 The stars stop mov­ing. As you fo­cus you can see they are not stars, but an­gels, all shin­ing with Di­vine light. Look around, each one bows to greet you, bless­ing you and invit­ing you to ac­cept their of­fer of guid­ance.

5 As your vi­sion moves around the 12, you feel drawn to the bright­ness and pow­er­ful spir­i­tual con­nec­tion of one par­tic­u­lar an­gel – the an­gel of your star sign. Step for­ward and in­tro­duce your­self, ad­dress­ing the an­gel by name (turn over to see what they are called).

6 Stay and con­nect with this an­gelic pres­ence for a few min­utes. If it feels right, give per­mis­sion for the an­gel’s guid­ance to flow be­tween you when­ever help is needed.

7 When you are ready, step back into the cen­tre of the cir­cle cre­ated by the pres­ence of the an­gel, vi­su­al­is­ing the stars around you again. As the an­gel’s light fades, bring your­self back to earth. Ground your­self by feel­ing your body heavy in the chair, feet on the floor.

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