Spirit and Destiny - - Zodiac Angels Masterclass -

Scorpio is the sign of se­crets, and things be­ing not quite what they seem. On the sur­face, Scor­pios may ap­pear to be seren­ity it­self but of­ten un­der­neath lurks a pool of tur­bu­lence, ul­tra-sen­si­tiv­ity and anx­i­ety. A pos­i­tive of this sen­si­tiv­ity is that those born un­der this sign have great em­pa­thy. An­other at­tribute of the Scorpio char­ac­ter is a driv­ing force which brings suc­cess in any­thing it takes on. Scor­pios of­ten have a di­vine gift in heal­ing, and their zo­diac an­gel can guide these souls to de­velop heal­ing skills that dis­pel all in­ner tur­bu­lence.


Bar­biel helps Scor­pios mas­ter their count­less gifts and tal­ents.

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