Call on Jupiter’s en­ergy

Spirit and Destiny - - Inner You -

Open your mind and heart to all this planet can bring you

‘You are promised all the riches you see’

Set­tle your­self where you can be free of all in­ter­rup­tions, re­lax, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Bring your aware­ness into the mo­ment, notic­ing all sen­sa­tions and sounds, and all the thoughts that wan­der through your mind. Then move deeper in­side your­self, to peace­ful­ness.

Imag­ine you're walk­ing through a tan­gled wood­land. Ahead is a pearly mist that has a soft ra­di­ance. Walk through the mist to find your­self in a lush gar­den. Trees ripe with fruit line your path.

In­side a mar­ble pagoda with hon­ey­suckle draped over it, on a mar­ble throne, sits the huge fig­ure of Jupiter wear­ing a gold crown. His pur­ple robes are em­broi­dered with moons and stars, and ev­ery kind of flower and fruit. Be­side him is a stack of scrolls, and sacks over­flow­ing with crys­tals and coins. Smil­ing, he beck­ons to you.

You walk to­wards him, climb­ing the mar­ble steps to reach his throne. Jupiter of­fers you a jewel, and you see there's a mes­sage in­side it, re­lat­ing to your self-ful­fil­ment. You gaze in­side the pre­cious stone and read the mes­sage.

Jupiter prom­ises that all the riches you see are yours if you be­lieve in your­self and fol­low his words. You thank him and turn to leave the gar­den, car­ry­ing your gift back through the pearly mist to re­join your daily life.

Try to un­der­stand and fol­low the mes­sage in your crys­tal. You can re­peat this visualisation as of­ten as you want, for en­cour­age­ment and guid­ance.

Jupiter has many riches to of­fer you

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