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Stand­ing waist deep in the sea, strug­gling to hold a large, heavy RIB straight into huge, on­com­ing surf, most divers would - for a fleet­ing mo­ment - ques­tion their san­ity. How­ever, if you want to dive off the east coast of South Africa, the only way to get through the two to three-me­tre surf is to leap into a twin-en­gined RIB and hang on tight! Get­ting out to Pro­tea Banks al­ways in­volves a surf en­try, what­ever the weather con­di­tions, but this just adds to the ex­cite­ment of know­ing that once through this break zone, you will soon be in the wa­ter with wild ragged tooth sand tiger sharks. Pro­tea Banks is a ridge of rock pok­ing up out of the seabed some three miles off­shore, and here you can en­counter any­thing from a hand­ful of rag­gies to mas­sive ag­gre­ga­tions of more than 100. Ragged tooth sharks are known as a placid species, but they still look the part with their long pointed teeth, and be­ing sur­rounded by sev­eral to­tally wild three-me­tre sharks that have not been fed or at­tracted by chum is truly awe­some.

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