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“We are moored at Great Wall West. If you jump off the port side, you will be in 10m of wa­ter, but if you jump off the star­board side, you will find your­self in 2,000m, so make sure your cam­eras are se­curely at­tached to your BCDS, as that is a long way down and you won’t be go­ing af­ter it…” said the dive guide, elo­quently sum­ming up the ma­jor ap­peal of Lit­tle Cay­man div­ing in one fell swoop. The top of the wall along Bloody Bay it­self and the neigh­bour­ing Jack­son’s starts at any­where from just 6m-15m - far shal­lower than sim­i­lar sheer walls on other Caribbean is­lands. Great Wall West - and the neigh­bour­ing Great Wall East - are fine ex­am­ples of why Lit­tle Cay­man is hailed as one of the world’s great wall-div­ing desti­na­tions. The reef lit­er­ally sheers off into a ver­ti­cal drop into the depths, in some places even be­ing un­der­cut. The whole face of the wall is smoth­ered in en­crust­ing al­gae and coral, with large clumps of vase sponges and black coral erupt­ing from the wall to catch pass­ing nu­tri­ents. This in turn brings in pro­lific ma­rine life, from the smaller reef dwellers to pelag­ics such as bar­racuda, jacks and spot­ted ea­gle rays.

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