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QI would like to get my first gundog puppy. I have other fam­ily pet dogs trained to ba­sic sit and stay com­mands, but not much else as there is no real need. If I get a gundog would I be able to keep it with the oth­ers but train it sep­a­rately, or will that ruin the dog?

Gra­ham says: There is no rea­son why you can’t have a gundog liv­ing along­side pet dogs pro­vided you lay down some ground rules. And you will cer­tainly need to train it sep­a­rately from the oth­ers.

The best ad­vice I can give is for you to ei­ther join a gundog club or go for one-to-one train­ing with an ex­pe­ri­enced trainer who will help you through the com­plex­i­ties of train­ing a gundog.

Prior to that, and while the pup is still young, you should read and watch train­ing DVDs as much as you can so that you un­der­stand how to bring up a gundog. In this way you will learn about the foun­da­tions on which to build your future train­ing pro­gram.

Train your gundogs away from your pet dogs

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