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QI have a 12-month-old Labrador bitch just com­ing into heat and she seems to have for­got­ten all her train­ing and has be­come very clingy. Is this nor­mal? I did go out for a bit of train­ing tonight and she ran around like a head­less chicken.

Gra­ham says: When a bitch comes into sea­son she is flooded with hor­mones and as a re­sult you may see sig­nif­i­cant changes in her be­hav­iour. I would ad­vise that you do not do too much – if any – train­ing with her dur­ing this pe­riod and (ob­vi­ously!) make sure she keeps away from any male dogs.

It is not un­usual to find that once she has fin­ished her sea­son she might well take on board your train­ing ex­er­cises far quicker than be­fore – some trainers use the phrase “the penny has dropped” and no­tice a change of ma­tu­rity in the dog.

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