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Forty years ago the ma­jor­ity of bud­get­priced guns on the UK mar­ket came from Spain. Then it was Italy’s turn, and now it is Turkey who is pro­duc­ing guns that are not only cheap, but also gen­er­ally well made.

One of the lead­ing com­pa­nies in

Turkey is Yildiz, who ini­tially seemed to con­cen­trate on light­weight gen­eral- pur­pose guns and field guns. Many mod­els were built with alu­minium al­loy ac­tions, which con­sid­er­ably en­hanced the han­dling of guns in the smaller gauges such as 28-bores and .410s.

Its out­put is around 45,000 guns a year, and in com­par­a­tively re­cent times a Sporter has been added to the range. At more than 8lb it is quite heavy, but, in spite of that, han­dling is quite pos­i­tive. And the price is cer­tainly at­trac­tive, at around £875 for a new gun with an ad­justable comb. A ver­sion with a plain stock is quite a lot cheaper, so sec­ond-hand prices should

peak at a lit­tle over £700.

The gun has a num­ber of points that I re­ally like. One is the fact that trans­fer of the sin­gle trig­ger to the sec­ond bar­rel is me­chan­i­cal rather than re­coil-driven. This means that you still get a shot in the un­likely event of a first bar­rel mis­fire but, per­haps more im­por­tantly, it also means that the gun should be tol­er­ant of some very light loads. That, cou­pled with the gun’s weight, should make it a good choice for peo­ple who are very sen­si­tive to re­coil.

The other good thing is the look of the ad­justable comb, the comb blend­ing in nicely with the lines of the stock. One point I’m not too keen on is the fact that the pis­tol grip has a palm swell, but that’s just the per­sonal pref­er­ence of a man with rel­a­tively small hands. Other peo­ple like the fea­ture.

These points apart, the gun has no me­chan­i­cal sur­prises. The bar­rels hinge on stub pins, and lock-up is via a low­mounted bolt en­gag­ing with a bite in a shal­low lump just be­low the lower bar­rel.

Within the action, ham­mers are mounted on the trig­ger plate, while sears hang from the top strap. Main springs are coils run­ning on guide rods, and the ejec­tors are spring-loaded.

There’s a choice of 28 or 30-inch chrome­lined mul­ti­choke bar­rels, both with 3-inch (76mm) cham­bers. The stock is 14¼ inches and, with the ad­justable comb, the drops are, of course, set up by the owner.

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