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I love read­ing Sport­ing Gun and have been shoot­ing from a young age. I’m

Dutch, but used to live in Ger­many where I also started my sport­ing ca­reer. At the mo­ment we are mov­ing to Scot­land af­ter work­ing as a game­keeper/es­tate man­ager in the Nether­lands near the Ger­man bor­der for 16 years.

Your ar­ti­cle on drillings is not en­tirely cor­rect. Drilling is the Ger­man word for triple. In this case it means three bar­rels. These could be any­thing from two shot­gun bar­rels and one ri­fle bar­rel to three dif­fer­ent bar­rels.

A drilling is a typ­i­cal Ger­man game­keep­ers gun – not an el­e­gant game gun, but more a ver­sa­tile multi-tool. Since most Ger­man keep­ers deal with any­thing from wild boar, roe, fox, badger and all kinds of fly­ing game and ver­min they of­ten need a gun that suits these sit­u­a­tions.

There are – as I men­tioned ear­lier – a lot of dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions in drillings, but the most I have seen be­ing used is the “stan­dard” two 16-bore shot­gun bar­rels on top of a 7x65r ri­fle bar­rel, for ex­am­ple. One of the shot­gun bar­rels is of­ten in­serted with a .22 cal ri­fle bar­rel (22lr.,22hor­net). This setup cov­ers all Ger­man hunt­ing laws con­cern­ing min­i­mal cal­i­bres for game. Although you can use them with­out a ri­fle scope most of these do have one mounted, mak­ing it even more heavy, but since these guns are mostly used from a high-seat this is of no great concern for the Jag­dauf­se­her or Förster ,who is most likely to use it.

As said, it is more of a Swiss Army knife type gun and not meant to be el­e­gant. Given the right sit­u­a­tion these are great guns, but you don’t see them on Ger­man “small game” shoots be­cause they are just too heavy.

If you have any ques­tions on sub­jects like these I am more than happy to give you a help­ing hand.

Rody R Wig­mans, Haw­ick, via email

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Ge­orge Ge­orge Ge­orge Ge­orge Ge­orge Ge­orge says: says: says: says: says: says: There is ob­vi­ously a dif­fer­ence in the mean­ing of the term “drilling” be­tween English and sev­eral dif­fer­ent lan­guages in Europe. In Bri­tain the term is used to de­scribe any com­bi­na­tion gun with two bar­rels or more, one of which is a ri­fle bar­rel. How­ever, my Ger­man-English dic­tionary tells me that “drilling” means “triplet”, so Rody is cor­rect. Go to https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Com­bi­na­tion_­gun for a good de­scrip­tion, with di­a­grams, and the cor­rect terms to de­scribe com­bi­na­tion guns with two, three and four bar­rels.

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