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Are sub-sonic car­tridges pow­er­ful enough to kill pi­geons cleanly? I have the chance to buy some at a very good price but don’t want to buy 1,000 or more if they’re not up to the job.

Peter says:

As with all com­pro­mises in life, you have to ac­cept some pit­falls to en­joy the ben­e­fits. Sub-sonic car­tridges will cer­tainly kill pi­geons out to the nor­mal sport­ing ranges of 45 yards, but the lack of ve­loc­ity will be re­flected in your lead pic­tures at ex­treme range. I found, when I used them, that I was try­ing to mea­sure lead, rather than shoot­ing in­stinc­tively.

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