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Can you give me any tips on how to shoot rab­bit clays that are thrown as slow crossers? No mat­ter how hard I try, I can’t get the mea­sure of them.

John says:

Rab­bits that bum­ble along as you de­scribe are in­cred­i­bly easy to miss in front – even the mo­men­tum of a slowed swing can be enough to put too much lead onto them. And the faster you try to shoot them, the worse the prob­lem be­comes.

This rab­bit isn’t go­ing to beat you on speed, so take your time and be very de­lib­er­ate with it. This isn’t to say you should track it with a mounted gun; in­stead, de­cide where you want to kill it, then ad­dress your gun muz­zles a foot or two far­ther back. As the rab­bit comes on to the muz­zle, mount smoothly and shoot at the lead­ing edge of the clay. If that doesn’t work, try shoot­ing di­rectly at it with no at­tempt to give it even an inch or two of for­ward al­lowance – the mo­men­tum of the mov­ing gun will take care of things.

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