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If I throw one dummy to the left and another to the right, which one should I send the dog for first?

Never for­get, a dog will al­ways want to go for the last re­trieve you threw as it’s the one that is fresh in its mind. So al­ways send it for the first!

How­ever, as things progress you will need to mix up the se­quence so that the dog doesn’t pre-empt which di­rec­tion he/she is go­ing to be sent. Watch it closely.

If the dog looks at one of the dum­mies, send it for the other. If it keeps its eyes on me af­ter the ini­tial throw then the choice is mine.

One fi­nal thing: don’t al­ways throw the first dummy to the same side, and don’t overdo the ex­er­cise.

Gra­ham says:

Mix up the di­rec­tion you throw the dummy

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