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Most of us want to shoot like a sport­ing god, but of­ten end up look­ing like our gun is fir­ing blanks. We might blame the gun, car­tridges or course set­ter, but deep down we know the fault lies with us. Well, this month we look at every as­pect of shoot­ing, from kit to tech­nique, so there should be no more ex­cuses!

Now, for some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent. From next is­sue the magazine is chang­ing. Sport­ing Gun is hav­ing a makeover and the logo will look dif­fer­ent. We have a sneak pre­view on page 4, but the changes won’t stop there. The whole magazine is be­ing re­designed and the changes won’t just be cos­metic. We are bring­ing in new writ­ers, ar­ti­cles, more fea­tures, prod­uct re­views and “how to” stuff. Hap­pily, one thing that won’t change is the price. So make sure you look out for the newlook Sport­ing Gun next month, which will be on sale 3 July.

Matt Clark, editor

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