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I was re­lieved to read James March­ing­ton’s ar­ti­cle on the is­sue of lead shot, which fi­nally pro­vided some bal­ance to the de­bate on the shoot­ing com­mu­nity side of the ar­gu­ment. BASC and the whole shoot­ing com­mu­nity, to which I be­long, are very quick to men­tion how we care for na­ture un­til it means that we might be re­quired to re­view our prac­tices. Lead has long been known to be a pretty toxic sub­stance and it is ob­vi­ous to me that spread­ing small pieces of it all over the coun­try­side can only have neg­a­tive con­se­quences. BASC’s state­ment – “No sound ev­i­dence, no change” – just sounds like a cyn­i­cal stalling tac­tic to put off the in­evitable, and that sad­dens me.

In­stead of throw­ing our teddy out of the pram, wouldn’t it be bet­ter to use that en­ergy to con­cen­trate on the de­vel­op­ment of real lead al­ter­na­tives? Yes, steel is cheap and good for many things, but badly needs an al­ter­na­tive to the plas­tic wad to be a gen­eral-use re­place­ment. Bis­muth and the other lead al­ter­na­tives are just far too ex­pen­sive for most peo­ple at this time, but how much would the cost re­duce if they be­came main­stream loads? I’d like to know what, if any­thing, the car­tridge man­u­fac­tur­ers are do­ing on th­ese fronts.

Pat Mur­ray, via email

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