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Grow­ing pup­pies and young dogs need a range of nu­tri­ents to en­sure that they de­velop a healthy ner­vous sys­tem, skin, coat and bones. It is par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant in work­ing breeds that pup­pies grow steadily and not too fast.

Chud­leys Puppy/Ju­nior con­tains a com­plete range of macro- and mi­cronu­tri­ents es­sen­tial for the cor­rect growth and de­vel­op­ment of young work­ing dogs and pup­pies. It is for­mu­lated with a wheat gluten-free recipe and is rich

Con­tact us: Mon­day-Fri­day be­tween 8.30am and 5pm on 0845 345 2627 or visit www.chud­ in chicken and duck.

It is suit­able for all sizes of work­ing dog breeds and should be fed as the puppy’s first feed from when they first ac­cept solid food at around two to three weeks old. It should then be fed through wean­ing and un­til the puppy is fully grown, which de­pends on breed but is usu­ally around 8-18 months old.

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