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QDo you have any tips on judg­ing dis­tance when shoot­ing driven game? Other peo­ple seem to in­stinc­tively know whether a bird is 30 yards or 40 yards up, but I re­ally strug­gle with this.

AWILL ED­WARDS replies: Don’t panic. Trust me, there are plenty of oth­ers out there who strug­gle to judge the height of a bird’s flight, and most would never ad­mit it.

Now, it’s easy enough to pace out var­i­ous dis­tances on foot – one good stride is about a yard – but that’s on the hor­i­zon­tal; what about the ver­ti­cal? It's a bit tricky un­less you hap­pen to be Spi­der-Man, but fear not! I have a cou­ple of great ways to over­come this.

If you have a friend that owns a laser rangefinder then you can use it to tell you the dis­tance of ob­jects. I’ve bor­rowed one for the same rea­son. I’ve stood be­low and locked it onto my lo­cal church spire (42 yards), our farm’s grain stor­age hop­per (28 yards), the high tow­ers at var­i­ous shoot­ing grounds, etc. It’s great at help­ing you to men­tally build up a pic­ture li­brary of dis­tances.

You can use the in­ter­net to find out the height of build­ings in your lo­cal­ity – for ex­am­ple, Nel­son's col­umn is 56 yards. I’m sure you get my drift…

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