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QWe want to string a tar­pau­lin be­tween two trees that are per­fect for a shoot shel­ter and lunch stop. The trees in ques­tion do not have forks that are low enough so we’ll need to rig up some­thing else. Do you have any bright ideas for us that won’t dam­age the trees?

AJONNY CROCK­ETT replies: I use some­thing called a ‘cam­bium saver’. This is tough web­bing strap that you wrap around the tree trunk, prefer­ably a cou­ple of times. At each end of the web­bing strap there is a metal ring. At­tach a cara­biner to the

rings and thread a rope through the cara­biner. If you do this on both trees then the rope can be tied onto the first trunk, passed through the first cara­biner, across the gap (where you want your tarp) to the sec­ond cara­biner, and then down to be tied off again round the base of the sec­ond tree.

Be­fore pulling it taught, drape the tar­pau­lin over the rope. Haul away and then peg out the cor­ners.

The web­bing straps don’t cut into the tree and if you take the load off the rope then they can eas­ily be loos­ened us­ing a cou­ple of sticks... and no dam­age to the trees!

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