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Q What are the signs of over­heat­ing in a dog dur­ing ex­er­cise? A

VET VICKY PAYNE replies: First, you will no­tice ex­ces­sive pant­ing and the tongue will ap­pear big­ger than nor­mal, but many gundogs will keep work­ing be­cause that’s what they love to do. As the hy­per­ther­mia con­tin­ues, the dog will be­have as though it is a bit drunk, e.g. less re­spon­sive to the whis­tle, stag­ger, or look con­fused. If you con­tinue to work the dog, it may col­lapse or even have a fit. Ide­ally, you should stop the dog when the pant­ing starts to be­come ex­ces­sive, and give small drinks of tepid wa­ter, as well as cool­ing the dog with run­ning wa­ter if you can.

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