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QWhy is it that I might go and shoot at one ground where I con­sis­tently post good scores, but then if I go to a dif­fer­ent ground my score might be con­sid­er­ably lower?

ADON BRUNT replies: There are nu­mer­ous an­swers to this ques­tion. Firstly, is the ground where you are scor­ing highly the same place that you reg­u­larly prac­tise? If so, it’s prob­a­bly be­cause you are used to the type of tar­gets thrown at that ground, and con­sciously or sub­con­sciously, you will be bet­ter able to ‘read’ dis­tances be­cause you have shot there so of­ten.

Se­condly, if you shoot at a lo­cal ‘straw bale’ shoot, be aware that they are usu­ally set to al­low very oc­ca­sional shoot­ers to score rel­a­tively highly, while a CPSA-reg­is­tered com­pe­ti­tion would be ex­pected to be con­sid­er­ably tougher as the com­peti­tors are more ex­pe­ri­enced clay shots.

Also, re­mem­ber that course set­ters have dif­fer­ing styles; some may pre­fer to present birds that are do­ing one thing, i.e. cross­ing, ris­ing etc., while oth­ers may show more ‘tech­ni­cal’ tar­gets which might be do­ing two or even three things at the same time, i.e. cross­ing, curl­ing away and drop­ping. The for­mer tar­gets are in­vari­ably eas­ier to hit as they can, to an ex­tent, be shot more in­stinc­tively and us­ing one method; the lat­ter may re­quire more ‘read­ing’ and might need you to use a wider range of tech­niques to build a good score.

Al­though hu­man na­ture dic­tates that we like to be suc­cess­ful and feel good about our shoot­ing, it’s not al­ways a good thing to just shoot at places where we score highly. Those who do that be­come stuck in their com­fort zone, and if they then go else­where or go to a ma­jor cham­pi­onship, they can find them­selves re­ally strug­gling to cope. It’s bet­ter to shoot a va­ri­ety of grounds which will give you a bet­ter pic­ture of your true abil­ity and broaden your ex­pe­ri­ence.

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