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I used the gun on the Sport­ing and Trap lay­outs at the Fennes Shoot­ing Ground in Es­sex. Al­though des­ig­nated a Trap gun by name, it is in­tended for all-round use as noted. Suit­ably choked, it could hap­pily man­age Sport­ing, DTL and do­mes­tic Skeet. It was com­fort­able to shoot with neu­tral han­dling char­ac­ter­is­tics. It’s no Per­azzi, but nor can you ex­pect it to be at the price. It broke the birds con­sis­tently and de­ci­sively with ¾ and ½ chokes fit­ted. There were no is­sues with me­chan­i­cal func­tion at all. Re­coil with Express High Ve­loc­ity 24 and 28g 7.5 loads (our rou­tine test car­tridges) was not ex­ces­sive. The bot­tom line? The Sabatti CTS would be an ideal first or sec­ond gun for some­one start­ing se­ri­ous clay shoot­ing. I was gen­er­ally im­pressed with it. The gun has in­tegrity. The price is right. The style of dec­o­ra­tion was not quite my thing, but that is eas­ily changed. Get the de­tail­ing right and re­fine the han­dling qual­i­ties – things that don’t need to push the price up – and you would have an even more im­pres­sive bud­get gun.

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