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With Diar­muid Gavin Choose a va­ri­ety of tree that com­ple­ments your plot and en­hances its nat­u­ral beauty LIQUIDAMBAR Sweet­gum CORNUS KOUSA Miss Satomi PYRUS SALICIFOLIA Weep­ing pear

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Aplot of any shape or size can sus­tain a tree – and ev­ery gar­den or court­yard should have one. But the trick is to choose a species that will be happy and look right in the space avail­able.

So rule num­ber one, al­ways find out from the sup­plier what the even­tual height and spread of the tree will be.

If there’s no space in your plot for spread­ing branches, there are plenty of fasti­giated or colum­nar trees – these are tall slim bean­poles which will reach for the sky and not your bound­aries.

Sim­i­larly, if you don’t want a tree that’s go­ing to dom­i­nate through its height, there are many beau­ti­ful low grow­ers.

Whether you are ver­ti­cally or hor­i­zon­tally chal­lenged, need a spec­i­men for a lawn or some­thing nice for a pot on a bal­cony, there are lots of in­ter­est­ing choices avail­able. Here are a few to mull over...

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