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The DC Cin­e­matic Uni­verse has this month seen some up­dates on a cou­ple of su­per­hero movies that have been aw­fully quiet lately. Firstly, af­ter be­ing ru­moured last month, James Wan has been of­fi­cially an­nounced to di­rect Aqua­man. Wan, of course, is best known to genre fans for helm­ing the likes of Saw, the first two In­sid­i­ous movies, and The Con­jur­ing. He’s also re­cently di­rected Fu­ri­ous 7, a movie which took a baf­fling amount of cash at the box of­fice. Wan will be work­ing with a script from 300 and 300: Rise of an Em­pire’s Kurt John­stad, with Charles Ro­van, Deb­o­rah Sny­der and Zack Sny­der serv­ing as pro­duc­ers. Aqua­man him­self will be played by Game of Thrones and Co­nan’s Jason Mo­moa, with the char­ac­ter mak­ing his de­but in next year’s Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn of Jus­tice be­fore his solo movie aims to make a splash on July 27th, 2018.

As for the other su­per­hero movie ref­er­enced in that open­ing gam­bit, that would be The Flash. De­spite Grant Gustin do­ing won­ders as the Scar­let Speed­ster in The CW’s Flash TV se­ries, the DCCU Flash will be a com­pletely dif­fer­ent en­tity to the small screen Barry Allen. Ezra Miller has been long-con­firmed to be

“try­ing to “try­ing to carve out space for [what we’ve seen on the TV]”. If you ask us, it seems as if Warner Broth­ers has got­ten into a pickle with this one. They want their cin­e­matic Flash to be Barry Allen and they want it to be dif­fer­ent to the tele­vi­sion show, yet the TV show has done such a great job of be­ing a near-de­fin­i­tive story of a mod­ern-day Barry Allen that it’s nigh on im­pos­si­ble to cre­ate a great Barry Allen movie with­out it hav­ing some se­ri­ous things in com­mon with the TV se­ries. With that said, this was al­ways likely to be a prob­lem that would come up if Warn­ers de­cided to make their cin­e­matic Flash and Green Arrow dif­fer­ent to Gustin’s Sultan of Speed and Stephen Amell’s Emer­ald Archer. Hate to say we told you so, but… Ei­ther way, at present The Flash is set for a March 23rd, 2018 re­lease, with the tit­u­lar char­ac­ter also play­ing a role in Zack Sny­der’s two-part Jus­tice League, and even ru­moured to make a cameo in Bat­man V Su­per­man.

In one fi­nal piece of big screen DC news, it looks as if James T. Kirk could be head­ing to the DCCU at some point soon. Yes, Chris Pine, best known for play­ing Kirk in the re­launched Star Trek fran­chise, is in talks for a role in Won­der Woman. Now there’s two dif­fer­ent sto­ries on this at the mo­ment; one sug­gests that Pine is in talks to play long­stand­ing Won­der Woman love in­ter­est Steve Trevor in the Ama­zon’s solo film, whilst the other ru­mours claim that he is ac­tu­ally be­ing lined up to play Hal Jor­dan/Green Lan­tern. When Warner Broth­ers and DC re­vealed their up­com­ing cin­e­matic slate, Green Lan­tern was cer­tainly in the fold, with a GL movie lined up. Still, it has not been clar­i­fied which ac­tual Green Lan­tern the DCCU will in­tro­duce. At this stage, it seems as if it’s a toss-up be­tween Hal Jor­dan and John Stewart. As for Steve Trevor, that role was one that was pre­vi­ously said to be Scott East­wood’s in Sui­cide Squad, although East­wood’s part in David Ayer’s vil­lain-cen­tric flick has now been con­firmed to not be Trevor. If Chris Pine does in­deed end up in Won­der Woman, he’ll be join­ing Gal Gadot on screen when the Patty Jenk­in­shelmed film is re­leased on June 23rd, 2017.

Tak­ing things to the small screen and there’s some sad news. Yes, it’s been an in­evitabil­ity for the last few months, but Con­stan­tine has fi­nally been com­pletely axed. NBC chose not to re­new the show a month or two back, but the hope was to find a home else­where. Sadly, that has not hap­pened, and ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Daniel Cerone took to so­cial media to break that news that the Matt Ryan-star­ring show has been com­pletely canned. With Guillermo del Toro’s Jus­tice League Dark movie still just about in de­vel­op­ment, in an ideal world it’d be great to see Matt Ryan’s John Con­stan­tine pop up in that. That seems slightly wish­ful think­ing though, and that’s only if that movie ever ac­tu­ally hap­pens! So with a heavy heart, we say RIP Hell­blazer, thanks for the mem­o­ries.

Whilst Con­stan­tine has sadly taken its last breath, Su­per­girl is a show in its in­fancy. Now con­firmed for a full sea­son or­der, it has again been re­it­er­ated that the se­ries will have no crossovers with Arrow or The Flash. Star­ring Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El/ Su­per­girl, the show cer­tainly looked a tad ropey from the ini­tial pro­mo­tional footage shown. Still, the show has man­aged to sway a few of us here at STAR­BURST in the last cou­ple of weeks, although the way in which it dodges the shadow of a cer­tain Man of Steel looks as if it will get a tad tire­some rather quickly. We’ll

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