TC 2000 (1993)

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Set in the oblig­a­tory postapoc­a­lyp­tic world, in which the hu­mans have ru­ined the en­vi­ron­ment and the well-off have re­treated to a nicely stocked un­der­world. Above the ground, the rest of civil­i­sa­tion is left to fend for them­selves. Pro­tect­ing the pow­er­ful in their un­der­ground lairs is a team of ‘Tracker Com­mu­ni­ca­tors’ – the cy­ber­netic-en­hanced TCs of the ti­tle. There are also some re­an­i­mated TCs who have been turned into high-pow­ered fight­ing ma­chines, with one that may be able to re­pair the ru­ined con­di­tions or de­stroy the sur­vivors, de­pen­dent on the or­ders it’s given. It’s as ter­ri­ble as one could imag­ine, but the video art did fea­ture some par­tic­u­larly fetch­ing ho­mo­erotic im­agery as well as the stan­dard Ter­mi­na­tor sil­ver font.

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