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With Ant-Man hav­ing brought Marvel’s Phase Two to a close, all MCU at­ten­tion is now fo­cused firmly on the next batch of films. Up first is Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War, which is to her­ald the ar­rival of the new Spi­der-Man. We found out last month that The Im­pos­si­ble’s Tom Hol­land is our new Web­head, but now we’re start­ing to get some de­tails on Spidey’s first MCU solo movie.

Be­lieved to be the first of a new tril­ogy ten­ta­tively ti­tled Spec­tac­u­lar Spi­der-Man, Os­car win­ner Marisa Tomei has been cast as this uni­verse’s ver­sion of May Parker. Peter’s faith­ful Aunt has of­ten been de­picted as younger and more hip in the comics of re­cent years, and this cast­ing cer­tainly sug­gests that the cin­e­matic lit­tle old Aunt May is go­ing to be get­ting a spruce up for the big screen. Now whilst that cast­ing is con­firmed, an in­ter­est­ing im­age has been do­ing the rounds which claims to know who Marvel and Sony want for their Spi­der-Man fran­chise in terms of both ac­tors and char­ac­ters. First up, the vil­lains of Spidey’s first MCU solo ad­ven­ture are be­lieved to be Vul­ture and Scorpion, with Billy Zane up for the Adrian Toomes gig and Amer­i­can Pie’s Jason Biggs up for Mac Gar­gan. Else­where, Rachel G. Fox is wanted to play Mary Jane Wat­son, Ti­mothée Cha­la­met (him­self up for the Spi­der-Man role at one point) is in talks for Harry Os­born, Sami Gayle is wanted for Liz Allen, Ja­cob La­ti­more is in line for Flash Thompson, Mi­randa Cos­grove (yes, one of the kids from School of Rock – she’s now very much an adult, which will re­mind you just how old you’re get­ting) is up for Betty Brant, and Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey is in talks for Ned Leeds. Other cast­ing ru­mours claim that the duo of Hugh Lau­rie and For­est Whi­taker are in ne­go­ti­a­tions for the pair of J. Jonah Jame­son and Rob­bie Robert­son, re­spec­tively. Bar the cast­ing of Tomei, all of the above is mere spec­u­la­tion at this stage, although it does come from rep­utable sources. Even if some of the above don’t get cast in the afore­men­tioned roles, the ac­tor and char­ac­ter names men­tioned should give you some in­di­ca­tion of which di­rec­tion Marvel and Sony and look­ing to take the Wall­crawler when his new solo ad­ven­ture hits screens on July 28th, 2017. Be­fore that, Spidey will make a brief ap­pear­ance in the Russo Broth­ers’ Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War, which is re­leased on May 6th, 2016.

Whereas Spi­der-Man is try­ing on the iconic red and blue duds ahead of his im­pend­ing MCU de­but, there’s another fa­mil­iar face who could be in line to get rein­vented for the Marvel Cin­e­matic Uni­verse. That man is Blade. The char­ac­ter was last seen cin­e­mat­i­cally in 2004’s Blade: Trin­ity, but star Wes­ley Snipes has re­cently talked up a pos­si­ble re­turn for the Day­walker. The de­tails are sketchy at this point, although Snipes has con­firmed that he’s met with Marvel for dis­cus­sions on a num­ber of top­ics, in­clud­ing the Blade fran­chise. Whether that means a Blade 4 or an ap­pear­ance from the char­ac­ter in an al­ready es­tab­lished movie or tele­vi­sion Marvel prop­erty re­mains to be seen. As ever though, ex­pect to hear more on any Blade de­vel­op­ments as and when they de­velop.

Switch­ing over to 20th Cen­tury Fox’s Marvel prop­er­ties, it’s been a rough old month on that front. If Josh Trank’s Fan­tas­tic Four bomb­ing wasn’t bad enough (we did warn you…), there was also a bit of a scare for the stu­dio’s Gam­bit plans. The Remy LeBeau-cen­tric movie has long had Chan­ning Ta­tum at­tached to star in its tit­u­lar role. Well it turns out that Ta­tum hadn’t of­fi­cially signed a con­tract for the film, with sto­ries ear­lier this month claim­ing that he was ac­tu­ally gear­ing up to walk away from this X-Men spin-off. Luck­ily for Fox, Ta­tum has now fi­nally signed a deal to star and pro­duce, although it’s been con­firmed that there were a few stick­ing points dur­ing the process. With the Magic Mike star now on board to swing his mag­i­cal staff, it’s also been re­vealed that the fe­male lead of the film will be Bella Donna Boudreaux. The char­ac­ter has a com­pli­cated past with Gam­bit, with the two hav­ing been in­volved in an ar­ranged mar­riage to ap­pease the New Or­leans As­sas­sins’ Guild. Soon af­ter, Remy would scarper, leav­ing a venge­ful Boudreaux to de­velop her own plas­mabased pow­ers. No­body has been cast in the Bella role at this stage, although SPEC­TRE’s Léa Sey­doux, Mis­sion: Im­pos­si­ble – Rogue Na­tion’s Re­becca Fer­gu­son and Mad Max: Fury Road’s Abbey Lee are the cur­rent fron­trun­ners. To be di­rected by Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Ru­pert Wy­att, Gam­bit is cur­rently pen­cilled in for an Oc­to­ber 7th, 2016 re­lease.

Stick­ing with the X-Men, the FOX net­work is still plan­ning to de­velop a live-ac­tion show based on the famed mu­tants. CEO Dana Walden this month con­firmed that the show is still hap­pen­ing, with the net­work in talks with Marvel at the mo­ment and an of­fi­cial an­nounce­ment ex­pected soon. De­spite not quite be­ing green­lit at this stage, 24’ s Evan Katz and Manny Coto are al­ready on board to serve as showrun­ners, with Pa­trick McKay and J.D. Payne al­ready work­ing on a script for the pi­lot episode.

In one fi­nal piece of Marvel news this month, the much-her­alded Dare­devil (it is pretty awe­some, isn’t it?) has cast one of its key fig­ures ahead of Sea­son 2 hit­ting Net­flix next year. Af­ter hav­ing al­ready cast Jon Bern­thal as The Pu­n­isher and with Bulls­eye con­firmed to ap­pear, the show has brought in G.I. Joe: Re­tal­i­a­tion’s Élodie Yung as Elek­tra Nat­chios. Elek­tra, of course, is famed for be­ing one of Matt Murdock’s many ‘one trues’ and also for be­ing one of the most deadly as­sas­sins in the Marvel Uni­verse. She also just so hap­pened to suf­fer a mem­o­rable death at the hands of Bulls­eye in the comic book world. Whether some­thing sim­i­lar hap­pens in the Net­flix-ex­clu­sive show, we’ll have to wait and see.

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