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Get­ting the DC Cin­e­matic Uni­verse chat­ter out of the way early on, the only real news on Warner Broth­ers’ DC movies this month largely cen­tres on the Man of Steel him­self, Su­per­man. First up, sto­ries have come out that claim Mad Max guru Ge­orge Miller is be­ing lined up to di­rect Man of Steel 2. In­ter­est­ingly enough, Miller was helm­ing the Jus­tice League movie of the 2000s be­fore that was scrapped at the last minute de­spite hav­ing a com­plete cast in place. Just be­fore go­ing to print though, con­flict­ing re­ports have come out to say that any idea of a Man of Steel se­quel is cur­rently on in­def­i­nite hold right now. Re­gard­less of whether that film hap­pens or not, we know that we’ll be see­ing the Big, Blue Boy Scout next year in Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn of Jus­tice. Join­ing Henry Cav­ill’s Last Son of Kryp­ton and Ben Af­fleck’s Dark Knight will be Gal Gadot’s Won­der Woman, who this month has seen de­tails of her Dawn of Jus­tice role ap­par­ently re­vealed. Whilst The Ama­zon may be play­ing a sup­port­ing role in the film, she will seem­ingly have a hugely im­por­tant part to play as new re­ports say she’ll be go­ing toe-to-toe with the vi­cious Dooms­day, go­ing as far as to even lop off one of the hands of the beastly crea­ture that was re­spon­si­ble for slay­ing the un­slayable Kal-El in the clas­sic Death of Su­per­man comic book arc. Helmed by Zack Sny­der, Bat­man V Su­per­man hits screens on March 25th, 2016.

Now whilst that’s it for DCCU news, there’s a whole boat­load of stuff to get through in re­la­tion to the var­i­ous DC-based TV shows that are head­ing to screens over the next few months. Start­ing things with the Stephen Amell-star­ring Arrow, and there’s some fan­tas­tic news for fans of NBC’s re­cently-can­celled Con­stan­tine. Re­mem­ber how the last few months saw the sad news that Matt Ryan’s Hell­blazer had taken his last breath but there was still the slight­est of hopes that the char­ac­ter may ap­pear in Star­ling City? Well, fear not, for it’s now been con­firmed

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