Peter Moore Claims Gamers Speak Non­sense about On-Disc DLC

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We are all aware of on-disc DLC at this point, right? It’s that won­der­ful bit of pre­mium down­load­able con­tent that is not only made avail­able on the same day a game is re­leased, but is also pro­grammed onto the disc as well. It frus­trates fans who see it as lit­tle more than a money-spin­ner for com­pa­nies who aren’t sat­is­fied to sim­ply take the money they earned from the orig­i­nal game.

If that’s your line of thought, then EA’s Peter Moore would like you to know you’re an idiot. While he used much more po­lite lan­guage, he re­cently com­mented on the phe­nom­ena on on-disc DLC, stat­ing that the com­plaint that peo­ple of­ten have about con­tent that has al­ready been made be­ing held back is non­sense.

He con­tends that this con­tent wouldn’t see the light of day if not for the DLC mech­a­nism and that the discs usu­ally just con­tain a piece of code that ac­ti­vates the chunk of game that forms the DLC to make it playable.

The sec­ond bit makes sense, the first… not so much. You can’t re­lease con­tent on launch day and then claim it wasn’t al­ready cre­ated. Af­ter all, it’s there! On launch day! You could make the ar­gu­ment that it’s stuff that would have been cut with­out the mech­a­nism of DLC, but that still doesn’t make it any less frus­trat­ing, par­tic­u­larly if it’s a piece of con­tent that is in­te­gral to the game.

Moore also seemed quite happy about how EA only has 12 games sched­uled for re­leased in 2015, rather than the 70 a year they were pub­lish­ing in when he joined eight years ago. This is an ex­cel­lent thing to brag about, as we all know that the less choice we have in gam­ing, the hap­pier we can be swal­low­ing down the mul­ti­plat­form, fran­chised gruel that EA are so keen to send our way. Se­ri­ously, how is re­leas­ing fewer games a good thing for the gamer? Sure, it’s prob­a­bly great within a busi­ness model where you also make a ton of money from each game thanks to DLC, but it’s the sort of think­ing that will lead to the death of cre­ativ­ity in the in­dus­try if left unchecked.

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