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When dis­cussing fandom and ma­te­rial that has taken cen­tre stage, you would be foolish to ig­nore the im­pact of Ha­jime Isayama’s manga se­ries At­tack on Ti­tan. The se­ries has inspired an equally suc­cess­ful and ac­claimed anime se­ries and gone on to be­come a global phe­nom­e­non, in­spir­ing a live ac­tion film and video games. As of July this year, over 52.5 mil­lion copies of the manga have been sold. So with a brand this dis­tinc­tive, is it any won­der there is some lov­ingly crafted merch out there? Over on we found a crack­ing set of hand­made leather keyrings inspired by Ti­tan, cre­ated by Odin­sForge. They come in four var­ied de­signs and are a bar­gain price piece of gear.

How­ever, some of you may re­mem­ber a time be­fore Ti­tan, when our in­ter­est was piqued by the likes of Pikachu. We are of course re­fer­ring to Satoshi Ta­jiri’s Poké­mon, which turns 20 years old this year! Ta­jiri’s tale of hu­mans train­ing and catch­ing crea­tures with spe­cial abil­i­ties has been the stuff of nu­mer­ous child­hoods. How many of us out there whiled away the hours trad­ing our cards on the play­ground or tin­ker­ing with our Game Boys at home and hum­ming that in­fec­tious theme tune of the anime se­ries. To this day Poké­mon is still beloved but what­ever your gen­er­a­tion, this sim­ple but thor­oughly ef­fec­tive hand­made Pokéball neck­lace is the per­fect way to carry your child­hood round your neck. Made by Cute and Quirky Girl and avail­able on (in a se­lec­tion of dif­fer­ent colours too), “Catch­ing em’ all” has never been so easy! AT­TACK ON TI­TAN KEYRINGS - £5.00 EACH AVAIL­ABLE FROM ETSY.COM POKEBALL NECK­LACE- £7.00 AVAIL­ABLE FROM ETSY.COM

Elm Street,

The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House On The Left and of course the ground-break­ing Scream se­ries. So to celebrate Craven’s most leg­endary cre­ation here is another belt buckle, this time show­cas­ing the fried-faced dream stalker in his en­tirety, once again from the fine folks at belts­buck­ R.I.P. Mr Craven and thank you for the sleep­less nights and fun frights! FREDDY KRUEGER BELT BUCKLE£15.00 AVAIL­ABLE FROM BELTS­BUCK­LESTEES.COM

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