‘Pa­triot’s’ lat­est plate­work goes on show

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One of the largest re­main­ing pieces for the boiler of ‘Pa­triot’ No. 45551 ap­peared at Ty­se­ley Lo­co­mo­tive Works in May, with the com­ple­tion of the outer fire­box door­plate. It leaves only the outer fire­box throat­plate still to be pro­duced (also by Ty­se­ley) to com­plete the plate­work for the first LMS G9 ½”S par­al­lel boiler since 1934. It will also leave be­hind for­m­ers worth £14,000 that will never be used again un­less heavy re­pairs are re­quired on The Un­known War­rior’s boiler or if, quips LMS Pa­triot Project Chair­man David Bradshaw, “some­one wants to build a new ‘Claughton’,” the re­built LNWR 4-6-0s shar­ing the same boiler de­sign. With a tar­get com­ple­tion date of Jan­uary 2017 for the boiler, the next stage of con­struc­tion at Crewe will be to unite the in­ner cop­per fire­box and outer wrap­per, with the foun­da­tion ring be­ing welded to­gether and al­ready drilled for riv­et­ing. Af­ter this, the plate­work can be drilled for the 350 cop­per stays and 950 steel stays, which can be spon­sored at £20 and £7 each re­spec­tively, in the ‘Sup­port our Stays’ ap­peal (see lms-pa­triot.org.uk/ sos-ap­peal). Fur­ther new plate­work is to be pro­duced for the Fowler ten­der, with the de­ci­sion to com­pletely re­place its outer frames, which had wasted to half of their orig­i­nal one-inch thick­ness in places. Ex­plained Mr Bradshaw: “They would still have been passed as fit by the Ve­hi­cle Ac­cep­tance Body - they could get down to a quar­ter of an inch be­fore we’d have to re­place them - but we de­cided to bite the bul­let. “It made more sense than per­haps hav­ing to do more re­pairs in five or six years.” Quotes are be­ing sought for the new frames, while the wheels, axle­boxes and springs for the ten­der have al­ready been re­stored. Falk­lands War vet­eran and char­ity worker Si­mon Weston CBE has be­come the LMS Pa­triot Project’s first Pa­tron.

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