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6695: This year, the bot­tom half of the ‘56XX’ 0‑6‑2T is ex­pected to be vir­tu­ally com­pleted at West Som­er­set Restora­tions of Wil­li­ton. The lo­co­mo­tive’s ‘ten‑ yearly’ over­haul has been in progress there since 2015, when it was dam­aged in the col­lapse of the low‑loader car­ry­ing it to the West Som­er­set Rail­way’s steam gala that March. The re­sult­ing re­pairs to the drag­boxes, buffer­beams, springs and brake gear are all complete, and tests have given the wheelsets and crank axle a clean bill of health. The ra­dial truck wheels have re­ceived new tyres at the South Devon Rail­way, where the tyres of the driv­ing wheels were also turned, and one driv­ing crankpin re­placed. New cylin­der lin­ers and pis­ton heads have been fit­ted, and spe­cial­ist weld­ing re­pairs made to cracks in the cast mo­tion bracket. Dur­ing the re­fur­bish­ment of the bunker and tanks, the op­por­tu­nity is be­ing taken to fit a work­ing water gauge to the lat­ter ‑ a de­tail missed out dur­ing its ini­tial restora­tion from Barry scrap­yard con­di­tion. As re­ported in SR463, the own­ing 6695 Lo­co­mo­tive Group is in dis­cus­sions re­gard­ing the fu­ture hire of the en­gine with both the WSR and the Swan­age Rail­way, the lat­ter hav­ing been its base dur­ing its pre­vi­ous ten‑year ticket. A re­turn to steam in 2018 or 2019 is ex­pected, de­pend­ing upon fi­nances be­ing avail­able to over­haul the boiler. 7754: A £15,000 ap­peal has been launched to re­turn the Llan­gollen Rail­way Trust’s ‘57XX’ 0‑6‑0PT to steam in 2018. (See sep­a­rate story, page 17). 9351: A rewheel­ing dur­ing the spring is in prospect for the West Som­er­set Rail­way’s ‘Mogul’, with the ma­chin­ing of its axle­boxes com­pleted. Con­verted from ex‑Barry ‘Large Prairie’ No. 5193, to rep­re­sent a lightweight 2‑6‑0 de­sign pro­posed but never built by the GWR, the lo­co­mo­tive last steamed in 2013 on the ex­piry of its boiler cer­tifi­cate. It is ex­pected to re­turn to ser­vice in 2018. 30828 (828): A new smoke­box is to be made for the Eastleigh Rail­way Preser­va­tion So­ci­ety’s ‘S15’ 4‑6‑0 at the Mid‑Hants Rail­way. 30928 (928): Stowe’s boiler has re­ceived its new fire­box throat­plate, and the re­place­ment back­head is in the process of be­ing fit­ted. Re­pairs to the cor­roded lower sec­tion of the driver’s cab­side have been com­pleted. 31027: In ad­di­tion to hav­ing a new cylin­der block cast this year, the SECR ‘P’ 0‑6‑0T at the Blue­bell Rail­way could also be­come one of the few steam lo­co­mo­tives in preser­va­tion to re­ceive a new set of frame plates, due to cor­ro­sion and crack­ing of the orig­i­nal items. Quotes are be­ing ob­tained for a new set, and will be com­pared to the es­ti­mated costs of re­pair­ing the orig­i­nal frames be­fore a de­ci­sion is made. 34010 and 34028: South Devon Rail­way En­gi­neer­ing has fit­ted new tyres to the lead­ing and trail­ing driv­ing wheelsets of South­ern Lo­co­mo­tives Ltd’s re­built ‘West Coun­try’ Sid­mouth, and made a new front tube­plate for the boiler of Ed­dy­s­tone. The lat­ter is also hav­ing new sec­tions welded into its ther­mic syphons and foun­da­tion ring. 35011: A ‘Crank Axle Ap­peal’ is be­ing launched to pay for this vi­tal com­po­nent to re­turn the ex‑Barry ‘Mer­chant Navy’ to steam. The crank axle has been miss­ing since April 1966, when it was taken from the al­ready‑with­drawn ‘Packet’ to re­pair No. 35026 Lam­port & Holt Line. A plain driv­ing wheelset from a ‘Light Pa­cific’ was then sub­sti­tuted to al­low No. 35011 to be towed to Dai Woodham’s scrap­yard by rail ‑ and was it­self swapped with a set from ‘West Coun­try’ No. 34046 Braun­ton in 2007, af­ter the lat­ter’s axle was found to be flawed. A quote is be­ing sought from the South Devon Rail­way to fit a crank axle to the for­mer Braun­ton wheelset, with the cost es­ti­mated at around £25,000. To pur­chase shares in the lo­co­mo­tive or make dona­tions, visit No. 35011 is cur­rently at Sellindge in Kent, with a long‑ term home be­ing sought for the project. Parts are be­ing col­lected for its restora­tion, the lat­est be­ing a steam com­bine ‑ the South­ern Rail­way’s term for the steam man­i­fold. 45212 and 45407: These two ‘Black Fives’ swapped places in Ian Ri­ley’s Hey­wood work­shop in early Fe­bru­ary. The Keigh­ley & Worth Val­ley Rail­way’s No. 45212 has been out­shopped for use on the East Lan­cashire Rail­way

this spring, while Mr Ri­ley’s own No. 45407 is in for over­haul. 45305: This ‘Black Five’s’ boiler has been lifted at the Great Cen­tral Rail­way for re­pairs to the ash­pan and weep­ing fire­box stays that were in­ac­ces­si­ble be­hind the frames. The 1968 Lo­s­tock Hall sur­vivor is to re­ceive a new coat of BR lined black. 53809: Cur­rently vis­it­ing the West Som­er­set Rail­way, this SDJR ‘7F’ 2‑8‑0 is stopped for re­pairs to its main in­ter­nal steam pipe. ‘Small Prairie’ No. 5542 re­mained on hire to the line dur­ing the fes­tive pe­riod to help fill the gap in the ros­ter. 60007: Sir Nigel Gres­ley’s boiler has had sec­tions of its outer fire­box wrap­per and door­plate re­moved at Llan­gollen, with the fire­box tube­plate to fol­low and the re­place­ment tube­plate be­ing pro­duced by LNWR Crewe. The ‘A4’s’ frames are be­ing over­hauled at the Na­tional Rail­way Mu­seum in York, with re­pairs be­ing made to the foot­plat­ing, horn stays and buf­fers, while the valve lin­ers have been re­moved for re­place­ment. No. 60007’s sup­port coach, Mk 1 Brake Com­pos­ite Cor­ri­dor No. E21096, is to un­dergo a con­tract over­haul at Cran­more Train­care & Main­te­nance on the East Som­er­set Rail­way. It will re­ceive body­work at­ten­tion and a larger kitchen area, while the roller‑bear­ing BR1 bo­gies will be sent to Ram­part En­gi­neer­ing at Bar­row Hill. The ve­hi­cle is to be of­fi­cially named the ‘Roger Barker Coach’ in hon­our of No. 60007’s long‑serv­ing en­gi­neer, who died in 2015. It is ex­pected to re­turn to traf­fic in sum­mer 2018, to en­sure it is avail­able when Sir Nigel Gres­ley is back in steam. Dona­tions to the ‘Roger Barker Coach Fund’ can be made at www.sirnigel­gres­ roger­barker 60532: New in­ner and outer fire­box door­plates have been pressed for Blue Peter at the South Devon Rail­way. 62712: Me­chan­i­cal in­spec­tion of ‘D49’ 4‑4‑0 Mo­rayshire at Llan­gollen has re­vealed the lo­co­mo­tive’s con­di­tion to be “much as an­tic­i­pated, with no un­ex­pected is­sues,” re­ports Scottish Rail­way Preser­va­tion So­ci­ety direc­tor Mark Ash­mole. The lo­co­mo­tive’s crossheads are be­ing re‑ met­alled, and the mo­tion pins and bushes re­newed, while the bo­gie wheels are hav­ing their tyres turned. Non‑de­struc­tive test­ing of the boiler has also shown it to be in bet­ter con­di­tion than ex­pected, al­though the in­spec­tor’s re­port is still awaited. The fire­box foun­da­tion ring has been re­moved for all its riv­ets to be re­placed, while re­pairs to the ‘shoul­ders’ of the fire­box back­head, new cop­per riv­ets in the fire­box, and a new smoke­box will also be re­quired. 69023: Hav­ing re­turned to Dar­ling­ton Hopetown works for win­ter main­te­nance af­ter its sea­son on the Wens­ley­dale Rail­way, the North East­ern Lo­co­mo­tive Preser­va­tion Group’s ‘J72’ was lifted off its wheels on Jan­uary 17 for in­spec­tion, and to find the cause of an axle­box knock. 73082: Camelot’s ten­der wheelsets have been sent away to the South Devon Rail­way for new tyres. The ‘Stan­dard 5’ will be back in ser­vice for the Blue­bell Rail­way’s main sea­son. 80105: A plan to send all the wheelsets of the Bo’ness‑based ‘4MT’ 2‑6‑4T across the Ir­ish Sea, to have their tyres turned by the Rail­way Preser­va­tion So­ci­ety of Ire­land, was changed due to trans­port is­sues. The wheels have in­stead gone to Ri­ley & Son (E) Ltd. Lu­bri­ca­tion pipework is be­ing re­fit­ted to the frames, while plate­work is be­ing re­placed in the bunker, and the boiler pre­pared for in­spec­tion and non‑de­struc­tive test­ing.


Dur­ing a pre­vi­ous visit to the West Som­er­set Rail­way, ‘56XX’ 0‑6‑2T No. 6695 climbs past the site of Leigh loop on March 22 2009.

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