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Nos. 7 (Owain Glyn­dwr) and 8 (Llewe­lyn): Both 2‑6‑2Ts are ex­pected to re­turn to ser­vice at the Vale of Rhei­dol Rail­way this year, along­side the third class mem­ber, No. 9 (1213). 1340: Fol­low­ing its tem­po­rary stay at the Great Cen­tral Rail­way (SR462), the Great Western So­ci­ety’s Alexan­dra Docks Rail­way 0‑4‑0ST Tro­jan was moved to nearby Lo­co­mo­tive Main­te­nance Ser­vices on Jan­uary 18. It is to un­dergo a con­tract over­haul with the aim of re­turn­ing it to steam this year, to al­le­vi­ate a mo­tive power short­age at Did­cot. 2999: Ap­prox­i­mately 90% of the back­head fit­tings are now in place on Steam Rail­way ap­peal ‘Saint’ Lady of Leg­end, while the live and ex­haust steam in­jec­tors have been fit­ted be­neath the cab. Cladding and lag­ging of both cylin­ders is complete, and the reg­u­la­tor box has had its valve faces ma­chined. The handrails have been fit­ted to the boiler, in­cor­po­rat­ing the front sec­tion from donor ‘Hall’ No. 4942 Maindy Hall, whose orig­i­nal smoke­box is also be­ing reused. Its out­side steam pipe aper­tures are be­ing plated over to suit No. 2999’s in­side steam pipe ar­range­ment. 4953: Pitch­ford Hall has been moved from the Great Cen­tral Rail­way to the new Lough­bor­ough premises of Lo­co­mo­tive Main­te­nance Ser­vices, which is car­ry­ing out its con­tract over­haul for the Ep­ping On­gar Rail­way. 5526: The South Devon Rail­way is now ex­pect­ing to have its ‘Small Prairie’ back in traf­fic for the main sum­mer sea­son, but it will not be ready for Easter, as hoped. Sis­ter en­gine No. 5542 will there­fore work for ten days, in­clud­ing the Easter pe­riod, to pro­vide cover. 6989: Fit­ting of the cladding to the boiler bar­rel of Wightwick Hall is complete at the Buck­ing­hamshire Rail­way Cen­tre, and at­ten­tion has now turned to the fire­box cladding, start­ing with the front cor­ner sec­tions. The cylin­der and valve chest cov­ers are complete on the fire­man’s side and al­most fin­ished on the driver’s side, while the first sec­tions of the handrails have been trial‑fit­ted. When No. 6989 re­turns to steam ‑ hope­fully this year ‑ it will ini­tially run with a Col­lett 4,000‑gal­lon ten­der hired from No. 6984 Ows­den Hall (Swin­don & Crick­lade Rail­way). Con­struc­tion of its own ten­der will recom­mence once the en­gine is in ser­vice. 7029: Ty­se­ley Lo­co­mo­tive Works’ celebrity Clun Cas­tle is to re­turn to the main line in 2017. 30070 (DS238): This ‘USA’ 0‑6‑0T is ex­pected to re­turn to ser­vice at the Kent & East Sus­sex Rail­way in March or April. Its boiler is now re­ceiv­ing its lag­ging and cladding, hav­ing passed its hy­draulic and steam tests. As re­vealed in SR463, it is to be painted in Long­moor Mil­i­tary Rail­way blue, in the guise of the LMR’s ex­am­ple No. WD300 Ma­jor-Gen­eral Frank S. Ross. 30825: The Es­sex Lo­co­mo­tive So­ci­ety’s Maun­sell ‘S15’ 4‑6‑0 is ex­pected to re­turn to steam in the au­tumn. 30926 (926): ‘Schools’ 4‑4‑0 Rep­ton is now cou­pled to its ten­der at Gros­mont, and its smoke­box has been trial‑ fit­ted. Its boiler is cur­rently in­verted while the last patch screws are fit­ted to se­cure the fire­box foun­da­tion ring, af­ter which it will be turned the right way up for the tubes and stays to be in­stalled. It is planned to have the boiler back in the frames dur­ing March, and the lo­co­mo­tive mov­ing un­der its own steam again in April. 31065 (65): The unique SECR ‘O1’ 0‑6‑0 has been rewheeled and its re­fur­bished cylin­der block fit­ted with the valve gear now be­ing as­sem­bled. 31874: Fol­low­ing re‑wheel­ing on De­cem­ber 1, the unique ‘N’ 2‑6‑0 has had its mo­tion fit­ted. It is hoped to complete the over­haul this year, to main line stan­dard for the Swan­age Rail­way’s planned ser­vices to Ware­ham. 34072: With the boiler re­turned to the frames of 257 Squadron in Novem­ber, the su­per­heater header and reg­u­la­tor valve have been fit­ted, and the su­per­heater el­e­ments and cab fit­tings are be­ing in­stalled. The air‑

smoothed ‘Bat­tle of Bri­tain’ will steam this year, al­though own­ing group South­ern Lo­co­mo­tives Ltd does not now ex­pect it to be ready for the ‘Strictly Bulleid’ gath­er­ing at the Swan­age Rail­way on March 31‑April 2. 34101: New fire­box plates are be­ing pressed for re­built ‘West Coun­try’ Hart­land at the South Devon Rail­way, as part of a ‘batch‑build’ for other Bulleid ‘Pa­cific’ boil­ers (also in­clud­ing Nos. 21C123 Black­more Vale, 34039 Boscas­tle and 34059 Sir Archibald Sin­clair). No. 34101’s bot­tom half and ten­der re­main in store at the North York­shire Moors Rail­way await­ing the re­turn of the boiler from Buck­fastleigh. 35018: Ex­pected to run for the sumer end of South­ern steam com­mem­o­ra­tions, there’s still fin­ish­ing‑off work to be tack­led on Bri­tish In­dia Line at Carn­forth. 35025: The Brock­le­bank Line As­so­ci­a­tion has de­clined an of­fer from Chur­net Val­ley Rail­way Op­er­a­tions Man­ager Greg Wil­son to pur­chase its ex‑Barry ‘Mer­chant Navy’, cur­rently par­tially re­stored at Sellindge in Kent. 35028: ‘Mer­chant Navy’ Clan Line has had the main steam pipe, and all the tubes and flues, fit­ted to its boiler at Crewe. Its new mid­dle big end bear­ing is al­most complete, and the out­side valves are be­ing set. 41313: The Isle of Wight Steam Rail­way’s sec­ond Ivatt ‘2MT’ 2‑6‑2T is now ex­pected to emerge from its con­tract restora­tion at the East Som­er­set Rail­way by June. 45428: Re­paint­ing of the ‘Black Five’s’ frames is complete at Gros­mont, with the re­vers­ing gear now the sub­ject of at­ten­tion. Its boiler is still await­ing in­spec­tion by the in­sur­ance firm, but its ten­der has been in ser­vice, tem­po­rar­ily run­ning be­hind No. 44806. 45596: As unique dou­ble‑ chim­ney ‘Ju­bilee’ Ba­hamas pre­pares to re­turn to the main line later this year, its sup­port coach (BR Mk 2 Brake First Cor­ri­dor No. 14060) has been sent to Neme­sis Rail of Bur­ton‑on‑Trent for a con­tract over­haul. At Ty­se­ley Lo­co­mo­tive Works, the re­place­ment front bar­rel ring was fit­ted to the boiler on Jan­uary 19. 48173: With the com­ple­tion of ‘S160’ 2‑8‑0 No. 5197, the restora­tion of Greg Wil­son’s ex‑Barry ‘8F’ 2‑8‑0 has com­menced in earnest at the Chur­net Val­ley Rail­way. Ma­te­rial anal­y­sis of the boiler and frames is be­ing un­der­taken in prepa­ra­tion for re­pairs, and draw­ings are be­ing pro­duced for a new tube­plate, while col­lec­tion of re­place­ment parts con­tin­ues. 48305: Fet­tling of the axle­boxes con­tin­ues on Roger Hib­bert’s ‘8F’ prior to its re‑wheel­ing at Lough­bor­ough on the Great Cen­tral Rail­way. 55189 (419): The big end brasses of the Cale­do­nian Rail­way 0‑4‑4T were ma­chined at Bo’ness dur­ing Fe­bru­ary. It is hoped that the unique lo­co­mo­tive will be complete by the end of the year. 57566 (828): Hav­ing had their new tyres fit­ted by Ri­ley & Son (E) Ltd, the ten­der wheelsets for the ‘Ca­ley’ 0‑6‑0 re­turned to the Strath­spey Rail­way on Fe­bru­ary 8. The lo­co­mo­tive is ex­pected to be back in traf­fic for the first week­end of the line’s oper­at­ing sea­son on March 25/26. 63395: The unique ‘Q6’ 0‑8‑0 will be in steam for its cen­te­nary year in 2018, with its own­ers, the North East­ern Lo­co­mo­tive Preser­va­tion Group, hav­ing reached agree­ment with their in­sur­ance com­pany for the en­gine to run un­til 2024. This is de­pen­dent upon all its su­per­heater flue tubes be­ing re­placed, and the su­per­heater el­e­ments them­selves be­ing re­moved for in­spec­tion and to have new ends fit­ted. This work will be car­ried out at Gros­mont by NELPG vol­un­teers over the next two months, with the as­sis­tance of the North York­shire Moors Rail­way, with a view to hav­ing it back in ser­vice in time for the NYMR’s peak sum­mer sea­son. 65894: Adam Dal­gleish En­gi­neer­ing has com­pleted the fab­ri­ca­tion of the new ten­der tank for NELPG’s ‘J27’ 0‑6‑0, while the lo­co­mo­tive has had its valves set at Hopetown Works. 68030: This pseudo‑BR ‘J94’ 0‑6‑0ST (ac­tu­ally Hun­slet W/No. 3777) has moved to Llan­gollen from the Chur­net Val­ley Rail­way, where it had ar­rived for over­haul last sum­mer. The CVR stated: “De­spite the best en­deav­ours of the board of di­rec­tors to reach an ac­cept­able con­tract with the own­ing group, they them­selves have de­clined to pro­ceed with the signed heads of terms from last sum­mer. “De­spite this dis­ap­point­ment, ev­ery­one at the CVR wishes the group well with the restora­tion of what was the first steam lo­co­mo­tive to ar­rive at the em­bry­onic Chur­net Val­ley Rail­way in 1977. It is hoped that the lo­co­mo­tive could still visit the CVR, once it re­gains its op­er­a­tional sta­tus.” 73156: The cab frame­work has been low­ered onto the ‘5MT’ 4‑6‑0 and pipe runs are be­ing tack­led on the largely re­assem­bled en­gine at Lough­bor­ough. 80097: The East Lan­cashire Rail­way was ex­pect­ing the boiler of this ex‑Barry Rid­dles ‘4MT’ 2‑6‑4T to re­ceive its hy­draulic test dur­ing Fe­bru­ary. 80135: A pos­si­ble con­tender for steam­ing at the North York­shire Moors Rail­way by the end of the year is its pop­u­lar ‘4MT’ 2‑6‑4T. 80151: 60 years af­ter it was re­leased into traf­fic at Brighton shed on Jan­uary 18 1957, the youngest sur­viv­ing Stan­dard ‘4MT’ tank was in Sh­effield Park works at the Blue­bell Rail­way, head­ing to­wards a re­turn to steam later this year. Its frames are ready for rewheel­ing fol­low­ing the fit­ting of a new frame stretcher, while the fire­box has had new lap seam sec­tions welded into the door­plate and tube­plate. A new throat­plate sec­tion has also been fit­ted, along with re­pairs to the foun­da­tion ring, and the life‑ex­pired outer wrap­per is to re­ceive new plate­work. 90775: BR black paint is be­ing ap­plied to the M&GNJR So­ci­ety’s WD 2‑10‑0 and its ten­der. Fi­nal jobs out­stand­ing in­clude fit­ting of the su­per­heater el­e­ments, chim­ney, pet­ti­coat pipe and some mo­tion parts, as well as mak­ing the vacuum ejec­tor pipe and set­ting the valves. 92134: With its bot­tom half re­stored and its boiler near­ing com­ple­tion, the sin­gle‑chim­ney ‘9F’ could re­turn to steam at the East Lan­cashire Rail­way to­wards the end of this year (see fea­ture, pages 36‑41).


No. 1340 Tro­jan is hauled onto a low-loader at Lough­bor­ough shed on Jan­uary 18, to be moved the short dis­tance to the new premises of Lo­co­mo­tive Main­te­nance Ser­vices for over­haul.

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