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• 567: Two more frame com­po­nents - the mo­tion girder and mid­dle stretcher - have been pro­duced for the Manchester, Sh­effield & Lincolnshire Rail­way 4-4-0, and the slide­bar sup­port brack­ets are be­ing ma­chined. • 2013: A pre­sen­ta­tion on the LNWR ‘Ge­orge V’ 4-4-0 project is to be held at Kid­der­min­ster Rail­way Mu­seum on July 29. • 4709: Mem­bers of the 47XX Project are meet­ing at the Kent & East Sus­sex Rail­way on May 6, with a coach re­served be­hind vis­it­ing ‘Manor’ No. 7822 Fox­cote Manor, and all are wel­come to at­tend. Steel for No. 4709’s cab and run­ning plates has been or­dered, and the frames are be­ing painted at Llan­gollen, with the wheelsets ex­pected from the South Devon Rail­way af­ter Easter. • 6880: Work has com­menced on the over­haul of Bet­ton Grange’s boiler (orig­i­nally from No. 7927 Willing­ton Hall ) at Tyseley, with the man­u­fac­ture of a re­place­ment front tube­plate and fire­box back­plate. The boiler ap­peal now stands at £184,000, just over £40,000 short of its £225,000 tar­get, while 48 of the 80 class mem­bers have been taken up in the ‘Adopt a Grange’ spon­sor­ship scheme ( • 61673: Pat­terns for the frame stays and spring hanger brack­ets of ‘B17’ Spirit of San­dring­ham were com­pleted, and the first pair of the lat­ter cast, by Wil­liam Cook of Sh­effield dur­ing early April. All the cast­ings are ex­pected to be pro­duced by early May (along with the fab­ri­cated frame stay at North View Engi­neer­ing So­lu­tions) and fol­low­ing stress re­liev­ing and ma­chin­ing, will be de­liv­ered to Llan­gollen for fit­ting to the frames in the sec­ond half of the year. • 72010: Hengist ’s front fire­box sup­port and trail­ing truck pivot has been com­pleted by CTL Seal of Sh­effield. Ma­chin­ing of the ‘Clan’ 4-6-2’s rear drag­box was also ex­pected to be com­plete as this issue went to press. • 84030: An or­der has been placed for the front run­ning plates of the BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-2T at the Blue­bell Rail­way, while work con­tin­ues on fit­ting its vac­uum pipework.

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