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A rare chance to recre­ate scenes of a tramway skirt-fit­ted lo­co­mo­tive shunt­ing amid a large area of cobbles took place at Beamish on March 17. As part of a 30742 Char­ters event, An­drew Bar­clay 0-4-0ST Bon Ac­cord was posed with an ap­pro­pri­ate tank wagon on the cobbles at the County Durham open air mu­seum’s recreated North Eastern Rail­way sta­tion. The event al­lowed a glimpse of how Bon Ac­cord and its col­leagues might have looked dur­ing their years of street run­ning while serv­ing Aberdeen Gas Works. It was the first such op­por­tu­nity since the 1897-built machine was re­turned to steam. Bon Ac­cord was granted an ex­ten­sion to its boiler cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in March, and is due to op­er­ate at Beamish un­til Septem­ber be­fore re­turn­ing to Scot­land, where it will spend the rest of the year at its home base of the Royal Dee­side Rail­way. Bon Ac­cord will be work­ing along­side former Yates Duxbury pa­per mill Peck­ett 0-4-0ST Works No. 1370 for the rest of the sea­son at Beamish. The lo­co­mo­tive has been un­der­go­ing axle box re­pairs and has also had a wheelset jour­nal ma­chined at the nearby Tan­field Rail­way.

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