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Cor­ris Rail­way No. 3 (‘Sir Haydn’): Re­pairs to the frames and boiler bar­rel of the Ta­lyl­lyn Rail­way’s Hughes 0‑4‑2ST are com­plete at the Vale of Rhei­dol Rail­way, while the cylin­ders are ma­chined and ready to fit, and new crank pins are be­ing fit­ted to the driv­ing wheelsets. An £85,000 ap­peal for the lo­co­mo­tive has so far raised £63,740; do­na­tions can be made via www.ta­lyl­ loco-3-ap­peal Vale of Rhei­dol No. 7: Owain Glyn­dwr’s^ boiler has had its new tubes fit­ted and is al­most ready for test­ing. W24: ‘O2’ 0‑4‑4T Cal­bourne has had its driv­ing wheelset re­moved at the Isle of Wight Steam Rail­way, for the ec­cen­tric straps to be re‑met­alled, and the axle boxes and horn guides checked for wear. Re­place­ment cast­ings for the reg­u­la­tor have been ob­tained, but its re­turn to traf­fic will be de­layed as a valve and pis­ton ex­am­i­na­tion has re­vealed ad­di­tional work on the crossheads and slide­bars. With the Adams tank out of ac­tion, the IoWSR’s two ‘Ter­rier’ 0‑6‑0Ts, Nos. W8 Fresh­wa­ter and W11, were in ad­di­tional use dur­ing the spring to cover for Ivatt ‘2MT’ 2‑6‑2T No. 41298 when the lat­ter was un­der­go­ing boiler washouts. How­ever, the fleet was strength­ened with the re­turn to ser­vice of ‘Aus­ter­ity’ No. 198 Royal En­gi­neer (see ‘In­dus­trial round‑up’ on page 31). 777: Na­tional Col­lec­tion ‘King Arthur’ Sir Lamiel has been with­drawn from traf­fic for over­haul. The Maun­sell 4‑6‑0 was failed at the Great Cen­tral Rail­way in Au­gust with leak­ing tubes. The engine’s boiler cer­tifi­cate was due to ex­pire in October. 752: Newly man­u­fac­tured spring hang­ers are be­ing trial‑fit­ted to the Lan­cashire & York­shire Rail­way ’23’ class 0‑6‑0ST at Bury. 4555: All of the horn­blocks have been re­fit­ted to the frames of the Dart­mouth Steam Rail­way’s Church­ward ‘Small Prairie’, hav­ing been re­moved to weld up a num­ber of cracks in the frames (SR466 Ros­ter), and frac­tures in five of the horn­blocks them­selves. A horn grind­ing ma­chine is be­ing made in part­ner­ship with the East Som­er­set Rail­way, while all the axle­boxes have been re‑met­alled, and new bear­ings fit­ted to the side rods and big ends. At Ty­se­ley, the boiler has had new fire­box lap seams, throat­plate and door­plate welded in, with re­place­ment three‑quar­ter sides to fol­low, and the two new bar­rel sec­tions are ready to be riv­eted to­gether. Said DSR boil­er­smith Rory Ed­wards: “We hope to have the boiler back, with a new ‘ten‑ year’ ticket, for Christ­mas, mean­ing she should be haul­ing trains by March or April next year.” 5532: A re­place­ment front tube­plate has been pro­duced and drilled for the ex‑Barry ‘4575’ 2‑6‑2T, which is in the lat­ter stages of restora­tion at the Llan­gollen Rail­way. Since the tanks were fit­ted last year (SR456) fur­ther pipework has been fit­ted and a pair of in­jec­tors have been or­dered. Its own­ers, the Llan­gollen Rail­way Great Western Lo­co­mo­tive Group, are now seek­ing a safety valve cover and a pat­tern for the hy­dro­static lu­bri­ca­tor. To help pay for the boiler over­haul, their other engine ‑ ‘28XX’ 2‑8‑0 No. 2859 ‑ is up for sale, with a new group aim­ing to raise funds for its pur­chase (see story right). 6046: Greg Wil­son’s ‘S160’ 2‑8‑0 is to visit the West Som­er­set Rail­way for 2018, ar­riv­ing in the first week of March and stay­ing un­til the first week of Jan­uary 2019. His other ‘S160’, No. 5197, is booked for the Telford Steam Rail­way’s ‘Po­lar Ex­press’ trains this Christ­mas, and will then be the main­stay of Churnet Val­ley Rail­way ser­vices in 2018, along­side Pol­ish ‘TKh’ 0‑6‑0T No. 2944 ‘Hot­spur’. 7802: Con­struc­tion of a ‘new’ 3,500‑gal­lon ten­der for Bradley Manor is un­der way at Ty­se­ley, with drag­boxes, cross‑mem­bers and steps com­pleted, the main frames be­ing drilled and their axle­box horn­blocks fit­ted. It is a vir­tu­ally com­plete re­build of ex‑Barry ten­der No. 2329 (last paired with ‘2884’ 2‑8‑0 No. 3845) with new tank and frames, to re­place the high‑sided 4,000‑gal­lon ten­der with which No. 7802 has run in preser­va­tion. Its orig­i­nal ten­der was sold sep­a­rately from Barry and is now cou­pled to ‘43XX’ 2‑6‑0 No. 5322 at Did­cot (see pages 62‑65). 7820: Din­more Manor has be­come the latest steam lo­co­mo­tive to clock up 100,000 miles in preser­va­tion, achiev­ing this milestone at the West Som­er­set

Rail­way on Au­gust 7 with the 10.20am train from Bish­ops Ly­deard to Mine­head. ‘2884’ 2-8-0 No. 3850, also owned by Din­more Manor Lo­co­mo­tive Ltd, ran 80,000 miles dur­ing its first boiler ticket be­tween 2006 and 2015, and is there­fore also ex­pected to hit the

100,000 mark af­ter it re­turns from its over­haul at the Glouces­ter­shire War­wick­shire Rail­way. 31806: Fol­low­ing its mid-term bot­tom end over­haul, the Maun­sell ‘U-boat’ re­turned to traf­fic at the Swan­age Rail­way on Au­gust 9. 30825: All the new fire­box crown stays have been fit­ted to the boiler of the Es­sex Lo­co­mo­tive So­ci­ety’s ‘S15’ 4-6-0 at its Scar­bor­ough works, while at Gros­mont on the North York­shire Moors Rail­way, its ten­der has been painted in South­ern Rail­way olive green to match re­cently over­hauled ‘Schools’ 4-4-0 No. 926 Rep­ton. 41298: To fur­ther il­lus­trate the orig­i­nal­ity of the Isle of Wight Steam Rail­way’s Ivatt 2-6-2T, the lo­co­mo­tive has re­ceived a new set of brake blocks - the pre­vi­ous items hav­ing been fit­ted by BR in the 1960s. 45231: Jeremy Hosking’s ‘Black Five’ was ex­pected to re­turn to ser­vice “im­mi­nently” as this is­sue was go­ing to press. Its boiler was re­turned to the frames at Crewe on Au­gust 14/15. 45305: Re­newal of the Lough­bor­ough ‘Black Five’s’ small tubes has been tack­led, which will en­able it to be cer­ti­fied un­til late 2020. It is hoped that its next public ap­pear­ance will be at the Great Cen­tral’s October 5-8 gala, be­fore re­sum­ing main line du­ties. 46428: Ar­range­ments are be­ing made to shot­blast the frames of the Bury Stan­dard 4 Group’s Ivatt ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 at the East Lan­cashire Rail­way, with the ex-Barry engine co­cooned in plas­tic sheet­ing. Fabri­ca­tion of the new pony truck stretcher bar is al­most com­plete. 46464: Fire­box stays and riv­ets are be­ing re­moved from the Ivatt ‘2MT’s boiler at Bridge of Dun (ad­ja­cent to the Cale­do­nian Rail­way) in prepa­ra­tion for re­plac­ing sec­tions of the fire­box sides and door­plate flange. The valves and pis­tons have been also been re­moved for over­haul, pos­si­bly for the first time since BR days; with­drawn in 1966, it briefly ran at the Strath­spey Rail­way from 1978-79, be­fore its fire­box was dam­aged when it was lit up with in­suf­fi­cient wa­ter in the boiler. It is now be­ing re­stored by the

Carmyl­lie Pi­lot Company, so named be­cause it was a reg­u­lar on the Carmyl­lie branch in BR days. 60007: Liq­uid ni­tro­gen pro­duced an ethe­real scene in the work­shop of the Na­tional Rail­way Mu­seum, York, in late Au­gust as it was used to con­tract the new valve lin­ers be­fore they were in­stalled into the steam chests of ‘A4’ Sir Nigel Gres­ley. The frames and boiler of the LNER ‘Pa­cific’ are be­ing over­hauled at York and Llan­gollen re­spec­tively, and the wheels, which have been re­tyred at Buck­fastleigh on the South Devon Rail­way, will soon be re­turn­ing to York. 80097: A fire was lit in the boiler of the Bury Stan­dard 4 Group’s 2-6-4T at North­ern Steam En­gi­neer­ing on Au­gust 11, its first since July 1965 when the lo­co­mo­tive was with­drawn from Machyn­l­leth shed. Some leak­ing stays were sub­se­quently found, but a hy­draulic test was ex­pected to take place on Au­gust 30. Harry Tay­lor, the group’s pub­lic­ity of­fi­cer, said: “This is great news and we are now aim­ing for No. 80097 to be run­ning on the ELR by the mid­dle of 2018.” 80104: Dam­aged in a col­li­sion with ‘Bat­tle of Bri­tain’ No. 34070 Manston on July 24, South­ern Lo­co­mo­tives Ltd’s ‘Stan­dard 4’ tank was ex­pected to re­turn to traf­fic on the Swan­age Rail­way on Au­gust 30, hav­ing had one buf­fer re­placed (see also News). 92134: Work on the boiler of the unique sur­viv­ing sin­gle-chim­ney ‘9F’ was near­ing com­ple­tion at LNWR Crewe in Au­gust, with all the fire­box crown stays in place and only a hand­ful of the other stays left to fit, and the tubes ex­pected to be in­stalled shortly.


‘M7’ no. 30053 in Swan­age shed on June 14.


L92 (5786): Hav­ing been out of ac­tion since last year for the fit­ting of new fire­box stays, the ‘57XX’ 0-6-0PT un­der­went a test run at the South Devon Rail­way on Au­gust 2, be­ing passed fit for traf­fic two days later and work­ing its first ros­tered duty...


30070: At the Kent & east Sus­sex Rail­way, ‘USA’ 0-6-0T Wain­wright is be­ing painted in Long­moor Mil­i­tary Rail­way colours as no. 300 Ma­jor-Gen­eral Frank S. Ross, while ‘Aus­ter­ity’ no. 25 ‘nor­thiam’ is re­ceiv­ing a ver­sion of the orig­i­nal KeSR dark blue.


7822: To­wards the end of its visit to the Kent & East Sus­sex Rail­way, Fox­cote Manor ar­rives at Nor­thiam with the 11.43am train from Bo­diam to Ten­ter­den Town on Au­gust 13, pass­ing res­i­dent ‘16XX’ 0-6-0PT No. 1638 with the ‘Wealden Pull­man’. The ‘Manor’...

No. 7820 Din­more Manor pre­pares to leave Bish­ops Ly­deard on Au­gust 7, achiev­ing 100,000 miles in preser­va­tion dur­ing the run to Mine­head. With the engine are John Sparks (left) and An­drew But­ler, re­spec­tively the for­mer company sec­re­tary and trea­surer...


926: Newly over­hauled ‘schools’ 4‑4‑0 Rep­ton rounds the curve at Beck hole on the North York­shire Moors Rail­way with its first solo pas­sen­ger turn, the 11.30am Gros­mont‑Pick­er­ing on Au­gust 15.


Cal­bourne with its driv­ing wheelset re­moved on haven­street’s wheel­drop on Au­gust 6.


The frames of ‘small Prairie’ No. 4555 in Churston works, show­ing new fit­ted bolts in the axle­box horn­blocks.


Far right: The first fire is lit in the boiler of ex-Barry ‘4MT’ 2-6-4T No. 80097 at North­ern Steam En­gi­neer­ing.


73050: The boiler of the Nene Val­ley Rail­way’s ‘Stan­dard Five’ 4-6-0 was lifted from the frames at Wans­ford by the LMS steam crane on Au­gust 9, prior to be­ing sent away for a con­tract over­haul.

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