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Phil Ma­son’s Kerr Stuart 0-4-0T Diana and the Hamp­shire Nar­row Gauge Rail­way Trust’s ‘Quarry Hun­slet’ 0-4-0ST Cloister moved to the Amerton Rail­way in March. Diana is cov­er­ing for Amerton res­i­dents Bag­nall 0-4-0ST Is­abel and Hun­slet ‘Wren’ 0-4-0ST Jen­nie (both of which are un­der­go­ing Kerr stuart ‘sir­dar’ 0‑4‑0t Diana pre­pares to leave Pages Park at the leighton Buz­zard rail­way’s ‘50 not out’ gala on septem­ber 30 2017. THOMAS BRIGHT/SR ‘ten-yearly’ over­hauls) and will be in reg­u­lar use from Easter, March 30-April 2. Cloister will re­main at Amerton un­til it leaves to take part in the Ffes­tin­iog Rail­way’s ‘Hun­slet 125’ event on June 22-24 (see story be­low). The Amerton Rail­way’s an­nual steam gala has been moved to June 30/July 1 to avoid clash­ing with the FR event. The high­light this year will be the first pub­lic steam­ing, and the first steam­ing in preser­va­tion, of Kerr Stuart ‘Wren’ 0-4-0ST Lorna Doone.

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