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Andrew Bar­clay 0‑4‑0ST Works No. 776 Fire­fly:

The rear wheelset has been re­moved from this 1899-built en­gine at the Northamp­ton & Lam­port Rail­way, with the smoke­box sad­dle and cylin­ders also to be taken off for re­newal. The front wheelset will then be re­moved for the axle jour­nals to be cleaned up and the crankpins re­newed.

Andrew Bar­clay 0‑4‑0F Works No. 1952, Shell Re­fin­ing Co. No. 8:

Op­er­at­ing dates in 2018 for the only reg­u­larly work­ing fire­less steam lo­co­mo­tive in Britain have been re­leased. The Ayr­shire Rail­way Preser­va­tion Group will have 1928-built No. 8 in ac­tion on May 27, June 24, July 29, Au­gust 26 and Septem­ber 23. On all days, pas­sen­ger trains will be hauled by Bar­clay 0-4-0ST Na­tional Coal Board No. 10, Works No. 2244 of 1947.

Avon­side 0‑6‑0ST Works No. 1798 of 1918 ‘Ed­win Hulse’:

A new tank has been fab­ri­cated in-house for this ex-Im­pe­rial Smelt­ing Works, Avon­mouth, lo­co­mo­tive at the Avon Val­ley Rail­way, and was trial-fit­ted in Fe­bru­ary. Named af­ter a mem­ber, ‘Ed­win Hulse’ has been at the AVR since en­ter­ing preser­va­tion in 1972.

Hudswell Clarke 0‑6‑0T Works No. 680 of 1903 No. 32 Gothen­burg:

This ex-Manch­ester Ship Canal ‘short tank’ was to be the star guest at the Rib­ble Steam Rail­way’s spring steam gala on March 24/25, vis­it­ing from the East Lancashire Rail­way and ap­pear­ing along­side three home fleet lo­co­mo­tives.

Hudswell Clarke Works No. 1704 of 1938 0‑6‑0T Nun­low:

A spe­cial farewell event is be­ing held to mark the last day in steam be­fore over­haul for the Ba­hamas Lo­co­mo­tive Society’s en­gine. It will han­dle af­ter­noon and evening trains at the Keigh­ley & Worth Val­ley Rail­way on Satur­day April 14. The event will fea­ture a commemorative brew named ‘Nun­low’s Night­cap’.

Hun­slet 0‑6‑0 Works No. 2890 of 1943 ‘Dou­glas’:

The Great Cen­tral Rail­way (Nottingham) is to wel­come Andy Booth’s con­verted ‘Aus­ter­ity’ ten­der lo­co­mo­tive for the rest of 2018. The for­mer Long­moor and South Wales col­liery en­gine was over­hauled at the Rib­ble Steam Rail­way and will move from the East Lancashire Rail­way.

Peck­ett 0‑6‑0ST Works No. 1378 West­min­ster:

New run­ning plates and an­gles are be­ing fit­ted to the frames of the 1914-built ex-Fo­vant Mil­i­tary Rail­way lo­co­mo­tive at the Northamp­ton & Lam­port Rail­way.

Peck­ett ‘R4 Spe­cial’ 0‑4‑0ST Works No. 2104:

Since its boiler cer­tifi­cate ex­pired at the Northamp­ton & Lam­port Rail­way in Jan­uary 2017, the for­mer Croy­don B Power Sta­tion en­gine has had its fit­tings re­moved and is now in store pend­ing as­sess­ment for over­haul.

Vul­can Foundry ‘Aus­ter­ity’ 0‑6‑0ST Works No. 5309, NCB No. 72:

This for­mer South Het­ton Col­liery ‘Aus­ter­ity’ has moved to Peak Rail af­ter an ex­tended pe­riod in op­er­a­tion at the Spa Val­ley Rail­way. The 1945-built lo­co­mo­tive has al­ready en­tered traf­fic at the Rowsley line and was booked to work all trains dur­ing March.


Dra­matic pho­to­graphs have come to light show­ing Bag­nall ‘Aus­ter­ity’ 0‑6‑0ST Works No. 2766 hang­ing pre­car­i­ously from a spoil tip at St John’s Col­liery, Maesteg. The in­ci­dent is thought to have oc­curred in 1971 or 1973, when it lost con­trol of an over­loaded coal train, its crew jump­ing clear and es­cap­ing in­jury. The 1944‑built en­gine re­cently steamed for the first time in preser­va­tion at the Bod­min & Wen­ford Rail­way (SR474, In­dus­trial News).

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