£40k needed to steam Bet­ton Grange next year as boiler is as­sem­bled at Ty­se­ley.

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Anew-build gather­ing is pro­posed for a ‘Steel, Steam & Stars’ gala at the Llan­gollen Rail­way in 2020, to of­fi­cially launch No. 6880 Bet­ton Grange into ser­vice.

The Col­lett 4-6-0 is ex­pected to steam in 2019, with its boiler (orig­i­nally from ex-Barry ‘Mod­i­fied Hall’ No. 7927 Willing­ton Hall) be­ing re­assem­bled at Ty­se­ley Lo­co­mo­tive Works and ex­pected to be trial-fit­ted in early Novem­ber.

Ty­se­ley will then fit the lo­co­mo­tive’s pipework (the main steam pipes be­ing in pro­duc­tion), set its valves and com­plete other work on the bot­tom end for a planned re­turn to Llan­gollen in April – so that, in the words of 6880 Bet­ton Grange So­ci­ety Pub­lic­ity Direc­tor Paul Ap­ple­ton, “pretty much straight away we can think about putting a fire in it.” The ‘Grange’ will “stay at Llan­gollen for the first year while we iron out any is­sues, be­fore it vis­its any­where else,” added Mr Ap­ple­ton – and for its of­fi­cial launch, one of the so­ci­ety’s sig­na­ture ‘Steel, Steam & Stars’ galas is in prospect for 2020. A new-build gather­ing is pro­posed as the theme for the event, although it is “still only at the dis­cus­sion stage.”

The so­ci­ety needs to raise £40,000 to com­plete the en­gine in 2019; see the leaflet with this is­sue or send do­na­tions to 224 Stain­ing Road, Black­pool, Lan­cashire FY3 0DL.

How­ever, once No. 6880 is run­ning, a fur­ther ap­peal (es­ti­mated at £125,000) will be launched to re­store its own Col­lett 4,000-gal­lon ten­der, an ex-Barry ex­am­ple cur­rently paired with un­re­stored No. 5952 Co­gan Hall. The ‘Grange’ will ini­tially run with a hired ten­der from ‘2884’ 2-8-0 No. 3814.


Bet­ton Grange at Ty­se­ley in Septem­ber.

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