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Book Groups A num­ber of se­nior pupils are shar­ing their love of read­ing by lead­ing book groups for ju­nior pupils. S1 and S2 pupils are in­vited to sign up to read one of these se­ries with their ap­pointed se­nior pupil. Harry Potter - Struan Garvie; North­ern Lights - Rachel Darby; A Se­ries of Un­for­tu­nate Events - Iona White­head and Mhari Stew­art; Sk­il­dug­gery Ple­sant - Erin Hig­gin­son and Owen Fer­gu­son; Hunger Games Hazel Laf­ferty and Hazel Im­rie; Clock Work An­gel - Laura Maskrey. If you have copies of any books from these col­lec­tions and would be will­ing to do­nate them to this project it would be hugely ap­pre­ci­ated. In­ter­house Mu­sic Quiz The first In­ter­house event of this ses­sion took place on Fri­day, Septem­ber 8 and was well at­tended by both par­tic­i­pants and spec­ta­tors. The quiz was or­gan­ised by Mr Har­vey and was great fun. Af­ter the points were added up at the end of the day the win­ners were an­nounced as fol­lows: 1 - The Win­ners (Dochart); 2 – Lit Com/MFL (Brack­linn); 3 equal - Lit­tle Misses (Dochart) and Brack­linn Bari­tones (Brack­linn). Best team name - Chilli and the Co­conuts (Leny). An­nual awards ORCA Awards (Brack­linn) - Cal­lum Bell, Alas­tair Cant­lay, Leon Camp­bell, Fiona Cant­lay, Rosie Cooper, Jamie Lind­say-Dryer, Fin­lay Mur­phy, Robert Raw­son, Lau­ren Duffy, Evie Laing, Josi McLarty, Jes­sica Nay­lor, Katie O’Brien, Emily Black, Har­ris Clark, Emily Fraser, Erin Gib­son, Sa­muel Kliskey, Han­nah MacCal­lum, Gwen Os­field, Lewis Wor­bey. ORCA Awards (Dochart) - Jack Camp­bell, Har­riet Holden, Fiona Klaes, Kayleigh McAlpine, Han­nah Parry, Han­nah San­dals, Tommy Scott, Arif Stec, Ellen Banks, Fiona Camp­bell, Beth Dun­lop, Rachael Hill, Oliver Holden, Katie Ma­cLeod, Claire McHardy, Lucy More, Emma Myles, El­lie Ridgewell, Ab­bie Smith, Alek­sander Whyte, Han­nah Brown, Eilidh Dil­lon, Ewan McCourt. ORCA Awards (Leny) - Flora Duff, Caitlin Mur­phy, Ca­tri­ona Nor­man, Jes­sica Orr-Ewing, Emily Pease, Ella Cho­dyniecki, Kirsty Gra­ham, Amy Mor­ri­son, Mar­ley Sandy, Kirstin Stew­art, Alexan­dra Tweedie, Katie Wil­son, Florence Dimeo, Archie Duff, An­d­ina Palomino, Chantelle Ritchie, Se­bas­tian Snow. De­vel­op­ing Young Work­force Award - Amy Blake; Ro­tary Youth Lead­er­ship Award - Bethan Rimmer and Hazel Im­rie; To­mor­row’s En­gi­neers Ro­bot­ics Tro­phy - Jake Duncan, Oliver Holden, Fer­gus Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Tully Mont­gomery-Wind­sor, Jamie War­bur­ton; School Gar­den Project -Leon Camp­bell, Rachel Hill, Mar­ley Sandy, Isla Wor­bey. The Royal So­ci­ety of Bi­ol­ogy 2017 Bronze Cer­tifi­cate - Archie Duff, Ni­amh Gille­spie, Cal­lum Hunter, Lo­gan Mailer, Innes Man­ders; Sil­ver Cer­tifi­cate - Adam Martin The Alexan­der David­son Memo­rial Prize - Josie Corry; The Ian ‘Budgie’ Martin Award - Eve Scott S3 Gold Sport Leader Awards - Emily Black, Mur­ray Brown, Euan Cairns, Ben Camp­bell, Gavin Camp­bell, Maisie Camp­bell, Har­ris Clark, Reuben Dim­mer, Eva Fisher, Euan Fother­ing­ham, Emily Fraser, Kirsty Fraser, Euan Gerry, Erin Gib­son, Ruben Lazell, Sa­muel Lee, Michael Li­monci, Eilidh Lit­tle, Innes Man­ders, An­drew McBeath, Ewan McCourt, Louise Ogilvie, Caitlin Scott, Re­becca Ram­say-Clapham, Ben Roe­buck, Ross Ron­ald, Kim­berly Steven­son, Madeleine Thom­son, Lau­ren Wil­bert, Jack Wills. Sports: McAin­ish Cup for Boys – Jamie McNaught; McAin­ish Cup for Girls – Kayleigh McAlpine; Crich­ton Cup for Boys – Steven Buchanan; John Scott Cup for Girls – Lucy More; Pater­son Cup - Gavin Camp­bell; Camp­bell Cup - Danielle Den­o­van; Leckie Memo­rial Cup for Girls Holly McNaught; McArthur Cup for Boys - James Is­grove; Ogilvie Cup (In­ter-House Sports Day) - Dochart; McLaren As­so­ci­a­tion Cup (Over­all In­ter-House) – Dochart. In­di­vid­ual Achieve­ments - U16 Rugby Player of the Year - Har­ris Fisher; Se­nior Rugby Player of the Year - Jamie Nixon; Achieve­ment at Na­tional Level - Leon Camp­bell (U16 Wa­ter Polo), Emily Black and Amy Bryce (Mounted Games), Catie War­bur­ton (Sail­ing), Zach Neufeld (Fly Fish­ing). Dux Lu­do­rum - Char­lotte Brodie and Jamie Nixon Mu­sic: Su­san McArthur Tro­phy (Ju­nior Mu­sic Fes­ti­val) - Liam Ren­nie; Alba Tro­phy (In­ter­me­di­ate Mu­sic Fes­ti­val) - Me­gan Mil­li­gan; James Lamb Tro­phy (Se­nior Mu­sic Fes­ti­val) - Max Men­zies; McLaren High School Mu­sic Fes­ti­val En­sem­ble Com­pe­ti­tion - Hazel Im­rie and Eve Scott; Jac­qui Men­gler Quaich (Leader of Orches­tra) - Ge­or­gia Third; Fealla Dha Prize for Tra­di­tional Mu­sic Cal­lum Hall; Alex Har­vey Memo­rial Award - Max Men­zies; Liz Young­son Memo­rial Award - Pa­trick Cook; Cal­lum Hall Award - Ca­tri­ona Nor­man; Pipe Band Cham­pi­onship Shield Re­becca More. World Chal­lenge Malaysia 2017: Team 1 - Amelia Baw­den, Jamie Camp­bell, Louise Dinely, Emily Don­nelly, Ail­ish Duthie, Dan Hesp, Erin Hig­gin­son, Laura king, Emme Knowles, Laura Maskrey, Re­becca More, Finn New­ton, Kim Rus­sell, Kather­ine Stew­art Earl. Team 2 - Eve Aber­nethy, Pa­trick Cook, Holly Craw­ford, Lind­say Gal­lagher, Brodie Hal­dane, Lot­tie Hesp, Heather Jack­son, Ni­amh King, Na­talie Klaes, Eve MacDougall, Ni­amh Ren­nie, Erin Rosendale, Char­lotte Scott, Stew­art Earl. Crown Of­fice and Procu­ra­tor Fis­cal’s Ser­vice Pub­lic Speak­ing Com­pe­ti­tion - Sandy Blair and Har­ris Clark; The Jenny Neufeld Prize for Po­etry - Erin Hig­gin­son; McLaren HS PTA Spe­cial Recog­ni­tion Award - Mag­gie’s Mates and Lit­tle Mates - Holly Bowen, Mil­lie Jenk­ins, Poppy McMa­hon, Jes­sica Orr-Ewing. The Dou­glas Connell Carpe Diem Award - Louise Dine­ley; McLaren HS PTA War Memo­rial Prizes - Dil­lon McFar­lane (boy) and Ni­amh Gille­spie and Eve Scott (girls). UK Math­e­mat­i­cal Trust Ju­nior Math­e­mat­i­cal Chal­lenge 2016: Bronze Cer­tifi­cates - Cal­lum Bell, Gre­gor Bret­tPitt, Alas­tair Cant­lay, Max Gir­van, Arif Stec, Fiona Camp­bell, Rachael Hill, Oliver Holden, Eilidh Jack­son, Emma Myles. Sil­ver Cer­tifi­cates Fin­lay Mur­phy, Robert Raw­son, Beth Dun­lop. Best in Year and Sil­ver Cer­tifi­cate - Ellen Banks; Best In School, Best In Year, Gold and Olympiad and Kan­ga­roo Cer­tifi­cate - Tommy Scott. In­ter­me­di­ate: Bronze Cer­tifi­cates - Sean McIl­venny, Innes Man­ders, Sadie Wor­rall; Best In School, Best In Year and Sil­ver Cer­tifi­cate - Cal­lum Hunter. Se­nior: Bronze Cer­tifi­cates - Rowan Camp­bell, Louise Dine­ley, Blair Hail-Brown, Ce­rian Rimmer, Alan Cho­dyniecki, Jenny Holl; Best in school, Best in S5 and Bronze Cer­tifi­cate - Har­ris Kliskey; Best in S6 and Bronze Cer­tifi­cate - An­drew Mur­phy. Seven or more “A” Awards at Na­tional 5 level - Eve Aber­nethy, Holly Craw­ford, Sandy Holl, Heather Jack­son, Na­talie Klaes, Euan Mur­phy, An­gus Par­sons. Five or more “A” Awards at Higher level - Car­men Clive, Louise Dine­ley, Lachie Fing­land, Re­becca Ged­des, Blair Hail-Brown, Hazel Im­rie, Har­ris Kliskey, Laura Maskrey, Kim Rus­sell, Eve Scott. Ex­cel­lence at Ad­vanced Higher level - Emily Don­nelly, Te­gan Dowl­ing, Emily Field, Cal­lum Hall, David Lit­tle, Finn New­ton, Finn Man­ders, Jack McGuire, An­drew Mur­phy, In­dia New­ton, Caitlin Os­field, Bethan Rimmer, Alan Cho­dyniecki Sub­ject Prizes: Na­tional 5s: Ad­min­is­tra­tion and IT - Ce­rian Rimmer; Bi­ol­ogy - Eve Aber­nethy; Busi­ness Man­age­ment - Chloe Master­son; Com­put­ing Science - Ni­amh King and Me­gan Mil­li­gan (joint win­ners); De­sign and Man­u­fac­ture - Greg McLach­lan; French - Iona White­head; Ge­og­ra­phy - Holly McNaught; Hos­pi­tal­ity - Cor­rie Hop­per; Mod­ern Stud­ies - An­gus Par­sons; Phys­i­cal Ed­u­ca­tion - Cameron McLay; Physics - Sandy Holl; RMPS - Katie Drum­mond; Art and De­sign, Chem­istry, English and Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion - Holly Craw­ford; His­tory, Math­e­mat­ics, Mu­sic and Span­ish - Na­talie Klaes. Highers: Art and De­sign - Erin Clark; Busi­ness Man­age­ment - Josie Corry; His­tory - Hazel Laf­ferty; Hu­man Bi­ol­ogy - Hazel Im­rie; Mod­ern Stud­ies - Re­becca Ged­des; Mu­sic - Ail­ish Duthie; Span­ish - Fin­lay Pren­tice; Ad­min­is­tra­tion and IT and RMPS - Ni­cola Craig; Com­put­ing Science - Eilidh Gra­ham and Aimee Laing (joint win­ners); Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion - Eilidh Gra­ham; Bi­ol­ogy and For­rest His­tory of Art - Eve Scott; Chem­istry, Ge­og­ra­phy and Physics - Lachie Fing­land; English, French, Math­e­mat­ics and Phys­i­cal Ed­u­ca­tion - Car­men Clive. Ad­vanced Higher: Art and De­sign Caitlin Os­field; Bi­ol­ogy - David Lit­tle; His­tory - Emily Don­nelly; Mu­sic Emily Field; Span­ish - Cal­lum Hall; English and French - Finn Man­ders; Chem­istry, Math­e­mat­ics, Math­e­mat­ics of Me­chan­ics and Physics - Alan Cho­dyniecki. Prox­ime Ac­ces­sit - Lachie Fing­land; Dux – Car­men Clive.

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