Ig­no­rant and self­ish driv­ers that are a danger on our roads

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IS it me or is the stan­dard of driv­ing on our crowded roads get­ting worse and worse?

I re­late two re­cent in­ci­dents which have hap­pened to me.

The first in­volved a young male driver in an Audi who de­cided that he was not go­ing to be held up in the M60’s 50mph sec­tion and pro­ceeded to over­take, un­der­take and even veer onto the hard shoul­der at speeds well over 70mph.

He clearly had no re­gard for the rules of the road or the safety of other driv­ers and I was sim­ply left amazed as this lu­natic dis­ap­peared into the dis­tance con­tin­u­ing to weave through heavy traf­fic at speed.

The sec­ond in­volved a van driver who de­cided that traf­fic lights mean the fol­low­ing: GREEN is I own this road and don’t you dare be slow in set­ting off and get in my way; AM­BER means first come, first served and I am com­ing through and RED means shove your way in and (quite lit­er­ally) two fin­gers to other driv­ers.

No won­der we hear more and more about road rage! An­gry Driver Stock­port


I RE­CENTLY read the lat­est garbage from our ex­perts. We must give up all al­ter­na­tive milk such as soya and al­mond as it does not con­tain es­sen­tial io­dine and go back to cows’ milk.

On the next page, I read we must all give up cows’ milk as it con­tains cancer form­ing hor­mones.

I agree with the lat­ter, cows’ milk con­tains an­tibi­otics pumped into it by the farm­ers, also it con­tains puss from ab­scesses on the cow’s ud­ders and lots of other nas­ties your not told about, and it is meant for calves to drink not hu­mans.

We are the only crea­tures who drinks the milk of an­other an­i­mal.

Drink­ing cows milk is dis­gust­ing and far from nat­u­ral. Sara Moor Shaw Heath


OVER the past decade an in­ter­na­tional con­sen­sus has emerged that schools should not be lo­cated within 150 me­tres of a busy road be­cause of traf­fic fumes.

A busy road is one with more than 10,000 ve­hi­cles a day on it.

There are al­ready such schools in Stock­port. It is alarm­ing that their num­ber would be in­creased if the pro­posed A6-M60 dual car­riage­way is built.

The road would carry 60,000 ve­hi­cles a day 100 me­tres from Dial Park Pri­mary School, over­look­ing the green space in Of­fer­ton.

To make mat­ters worse, the plans pub­lished for the road ear­lier this year in­clude a junc­tion with traf­fic sig­nals on the dual car­riage­way next to the school.

Sta­tion­ary traf­fic is the most pol­lut­ing. The coun­cil is mov­ing rapidly to de­cide whether to push ahead and seek gov­ern­ment fund­ing to build the road.

Coun­cil­lors should pause and se­ri­ously con­sider the en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact of the road on Dial Park Pri­mary, on homes and on the beau­ti­ful Lower Goyt and Poise Brook Val­leys. Gra­ham Trickey name and ad­dress sup­plied

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