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HOME In­stead, a com­pany pro­vid­ing care for the el­derly in their own homes, is on a mis­sion to de­mys­tify ‘text speak’ this week... In this in­stal­ment, I will be shar­ing some fun ad­vice to help el­derly peo­ple com­mu­ni­cate with their grand­chil­dren.

The young­sters of to­day have been brought up sur­rounded by tech­nol­ogy and have adapted their own unique, in­for­mal, and of­ten con­fus­ing way of ‘speak­ing’ to each other over the phone.

In fact, they seem to have de­vel­oped their own lan­guage!

How­ever, some of these terms such as OMG, IMHO, and LOL have be­come so widely used they have been added to the Ox­ford English Dic­tionary.

Below is a list of some com­mon ab­bre­vi­a­tions that young­sters use, par­tic­u­larly when tex­ting.

See which ones you al­ready know and, if you want to im­press the kids, send them a mes­sage us­ing a few from the list below or throw them into your next con­ver­sa­tion.

They will def­i­nitely be im­pressed! OMG: Oh my God TMI: Too much in­for­ma­tion

IMHO: In my hum­ble/ hon­est opin­ion LMK: Let me know LOL: Laugh­ing out loud TTYL: Talk to you later ROFL: Rolling on the floor laugh­ing TTFN: Ta ta for now IDK: I don’t know G2G: Got to go GR8: Great TY: Thank you We will be pro­vid­ing more in­for­ma­tion in the fu­ture around tech­nol­ogy, so make sure to stay tuned.

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