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THE prospec­tive Lib­eral Demo­crat MP for Hazel Grove Lisa Smart whinges on along the party lines with re­gards to ‘who is to blame’ for the loss of two bills (1) The Euro­pean Union (Ref­er­en­dum) Bill by Tory MP Bob Neill and (2) Lib Dem’s An­drew George’s bid to re­form the ‘Bed­room Tax.’ Would she not agree, nei­ther of th­ese Bills ever had a chance to be turned into Law?

The truth be­ing the po­lit­i­cal elite, im­ma­te­rial of which colour they rep­re­sent do not wish to pro­vide the cit­i­zens of the UK, es­pe­cially, the English with a Ref­er­en­dum on our place in or out of this se­lect lit­tle club.

Te­flon Tony (Blair) Gut­less Gor­don (Brown) nor Spine­less David Cameron had/have any in­ten­tions to let this hap­pen.

She clar­i­fies her par­ties po­si­tion very clearly. The Lib­eral Democrats will do any­thing to keep us locked in this union. She goes on to sug­gest by main­tain­ing our EU mem­ber­ship, this keeps our coun­try strong, pros­per­ous, safe and green.

With due re­spect she is liv­ing in cloud cuckoo land. The EU see us as the goose with the golden egg, just pay, pay and pay some more. Our pros­per­ity could be a damn site bet­ter if it were not for the de­ci­sions we are forced to ac­cept from Brussels.

Safe: please ex­plain how be­ing a mem­ber of the EU saves us from the po­ten­tial threat of home grown ter­ror­ism and whilst on this sub­ject can she clar­ify which of the Euro­pean coun­tries of the EU were with us in Iraq and Afghanistan whilst we were try­ing to bring th­ese peo­ple their own democ­racy?

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