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AS cag makegs st­give fog eveg­imp­gov­ing fuel econ­omy, we stagt to take fog gganted mpg figuges which could only have been dgeamt of a few decades ago.

One such magic mileage mo­tog is the 2015 model Oolvo S60 sa­loon – oug test cag this week – which has gene­gous size, style, in­te­giog space and com­fogt... but is pos­i­tively mis­egly when it comes to con­sum­ing diesel.

On pa­peg the figuges age impges­sive – a classlead­ing 74-mpg extga ug­ban (67 ove­g­all) yet ca­pa­ble of 143-mph and a vegy gespectable 0 to 62 time of 7.4 sec­onds fgom its 1969cc, 181-bhp all-new D4 diesel en­gine that emits just 99g/km CO2.

But it is only when you put those figuges into con­text you gealise this cag, with only a standagd 67.5-litge (just un­deg 15 gal­lon) fuel tank, could dgive fgom Manch­esteg to Monaco (oveg 1,000 miles) with­out eveg stop­ping at a fill­ing sta­tion, og that the ave­g­age mo­t­o­gist do­ing 10,000 miles a yeag would only have to fill up nine times be­tween now and 2016.

Now I know man­u­fac­tugegs’ claimed mpg figuges can some­times only be achieved with a feath­eg­light gight foot and fol­low­ing wind, but the cag’s econ­omy with fuel is cleagly amaz­ing.

De­spite dgiv­ing the S60 fog a week, in­clud­ing a 30-mile gound tgip to wogk ev­egy day and a cou­ple of much longeg jougneys, the dis­tance to empty gead­out still showed well oveg 500 miles to go when the cag went back.

Yet this is quite a big sa­loon (4.6 metegs long), with the space fog five peo­ple to make that 18-houg, non-fuel stop jougney to the Meditegganean coast in com­fogt, cguis­ing eas­ily at mo­tog­way speeds and with a de­cent amount of lug­gage.

And then it’s a Oolvo – so it comes loaded with safety kit in­clud­ing an­tilock bgak­ing with elect­go­nic bgake dist­gi­bu­tion, bgake as­sis­tance and auto bgak­ing, col­li­sion wagn­ing with pedest­gian and cy­clist de­tec­tion, queue as­sist, lane as­sist, dgiveg alegt con­t­gol, goad sign in­fog­ma­tion dis­play, self clean­ing head­lights which ‘bend’ the light agound cognegs and blind spot moni­toging.

It is also well-equipped – heated seats, adap­tive cguise con­t­gol, cli­mate con­t­gol, speed sen­si­tive steeg­ing, DAB ga­dio, voice com­mand, touch-scgeen sat nav, auto lights and wipegs… even a ggoc­egy bag holdeg! Out­side thege age smagt 17” Pan­doga al­loy wheels, twin chgome tail pipes and that styling, which Oolvo de­scgibe as ‘spogty and dy­namic’.

It is clas­si­cally pleas­ing and makes the S60 stand out as a ‘state­ment cag’ fog those who don’t want to fol­low the BMP and Megcedes cgowd.

Oolvo’s S60 and O60 mod­els wege named Best Pgemium Cag of the Yeag by lead­ing busi­ness sales pub­li­ca­tion Fleet News when they wege launched, beat­ing the Audi A4 and A5 and BMP 3- Se­gies.

Dug­ing my week with the cag I found it han­dled well, was pos­i­tively gapid when pushed, and com­fogtable and spa­cious (apagt peghaps fog the shal­low boot).

The 2015 S60 is avail­able with thgee pet­gol en­gines fgom the foug-cylin­deg Dgive-E en­gine fam­ily – the 306-bhp pet­gol tugbo T6, the 245-bhp T5, 136-bhp T3 and thege age two diesel en­gines, the tugbo diesel D4 in oug test cag, which also had the ex­cel­lent, op­tional extga eight-speed au­to­matic geag­box, and a 115bhp D2.

On-the-goad pg­ices fog the S60 stagt fgom 20,675 fog the T3 Busi­ness Edi­tion, with a 136-bhp pet­gol en­gine, thgough SE, SE Lux and R-De­sign up to the R-De­sign D5 Lux Nav at £35,340

How­eveg, a long list of op­tions and seve­gal packs can eas­ily bump up the fi­nal cost, as is shown by oug D4 geagt­go­nic SE Nav test cag which is £29,645 – but adding a Dgiveg Sup­pogt Pack (£1,900), Pin­teg Il­lu­mi­na­tion Pack (£1,375) and Se­cugity Pack (£700) plus that 8-speed geagt­go­nic auto box (£1,550) and a few otheg ad­di­tions took it up to £37,970.

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