A mother’s mov­ing story of love

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As I look at the Scriptures, it is amaz­ing to me that Mary was the only hu­man be­ing with Je­sus through­out his whole earthly life.

That is, she was the only per­son to love Je­sus be­fore he was born. Moth­ers are keenly aware of how much you love the child in­side of you way be­fore the child is ready to be de­liv­ered. Mary loved Je­sus at his birth.

Ev­ery woman es­pe­cially, way more than the hus­band, re­mem­bers what it was like when they ac­tu­ally de­liv­ered that baby. The mind re­mem­bers clearly ev­ery de­tail of a birth ex­pe­ri­ence and so did Mary.

Mary loved him as Je­sus grew up as a young child. His child­hood was Mary’s fo­cus. Mary loved Je­sus in the tem­ple at age twelve when Je­sus amazed all of them with his pro­found wis­dom.

Mary pon­dered all of these things in her heart, won­der­ing what this all meant. Mary loved Je­sus when they were to­gether at the wed­ding in Cana, the site of his first mir­a­cle. Mary loved Je­sus when he told the crowds that Mary and her other sons weren’t Je­sus’true fam­ily; those who did the will of God were his true fam­ily. Mary un­der­stood.

Mary loved Je­sus at the foot of the cross, when she had to suf­fer the un­bear­able pain of watch­ing her son be ex­e­cuted and she could do noth­ing about it. And fi­nally, we see Mary in the Book of Acts, where Je­sus had been raised from the dead and he now ap­peared as the Risen Christ.

As I look at the Bible, Mary is the only per­son who loved Je­sus from the begin­ning to the end.

When Mary fi­nally re­alised the mir­a­cle that God has worked in her, she broke out in song. Her heart could no longer be con­tained, and so she started singing at the top of her voice,“My soul praises God. For God has re­mem­bered what a lowly per­son I am and he has still cho­sen me. Praise God.”

Praise God in­deed!

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