Group test Tough cam­eras

If you’re go­ing on a proper ad­ven­ture, you’ll need a rugged cam­era that can han­dle heights and doesn’t faint at the first sight of wa­ter. One of these three, per­haps?

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Snap­pers that can sur­vive the el­e­ments

Ri­coh WG-50 What’s the story?

At £249, the Ri­coh WG-50 is nei­ther as af­ford­able as the Fu­ji­film XP120 nor as pre­mium as the Olym­pus Tough TG-5. With a sim­i­lar lens and sen­sor setup to the Fuji, Ri­coh is re­ly­ing on the WG-50’S range of ac­ces­sories and un­usual fea­tures to jus­tify the ex­tra £100.

Is it any good?

The WG-50 is as tough as its Power Ranger looks sug­gest: wa­ter­proof to 14m, shock­proof against 1.6m drops, crush­proof to 100kg of force and able to sur­vive -10°C tem­per­a­tures. Its 16MP im­ages are fine at a glance, but lack the punchy combo of de­tail, con­trast and clean colour we were hoping for. And while it does have ad­van­tages over such ri­vals as the XP120 (a higher video frame rate, and a macro light), the re­sults are not no­tice­ably bet­ter.

Price Stuff says

£249 /­co­hwg50

A solid com­pact in more ways than one, but bet­ter rugged op­tions are avail­able

Fu­ji­film XP120 What’s the story?

It’s by no means the most ex­pen­sive tough cam­era you can buy, but this Fuji is about as rugged as they come: it’s wa­ter­proof to 20m, freeze-proof to -10°C, dust-proof and sand-proof, and shock­proof against drops of up to 1.75m. This is a cam­era that’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to de­stroy.

Is it any good?

While the XP120 can’t match the big aper­ture, 4K video or slow-mo skills of the Olym­pus on the right, it of­fers ca­pa­ble per­for­mance for its low price. Its 16.4MP jpg files are sharp and im­pact­ful in good light­ing, with vis­i­ble de­tail only drop­ping once you zoom in tight on the im­ages. But its true ap­peal lies in its nigh-on in­de­struc­tible build qual­ity, small size and af­ford­able price. If you want a cheap, rugged com­pact, look no fur­ther than this one.

Price Stuff says

£150 /­ji­filmxp120

The per­fect cheap but rugged stunt dou­ble for your smart­phone cam­era

Olym­pus Tough TG-5 What’s the story?

The £400 price might seem a bit steep for a point-and-shoot, even one as hardy as this, but there’s no doubt the TG-5 comes with a lot more stuff than the other cam­eras here: built-in GPS and com­pass, 4K and slow-mo video record­ing, and RAW still pho­tog­ra­phy You’re get­ting your money’s worth.

Is it any good?

This Tough lives up to its name. Wa­ter­proof to 15m, freeze-proof to -10°C, crush-proof to 100kg and able to shrug off drops of up to 2.1m, it’s a hard snap­per to break. This is no ‘brawn over lens’ cam­era either, with an aper­ture of f/2.0 at its widest zoom, while its 12MP shots are de­tailed and punchy in both good and poor light­ing con­di­tions. Yes, it’s the prici­est cam­era here, but the TG-5 has the pre­mium per­for­mance and build to back it up.

Price Stuff says

£400 /­pustg5

Pricey, but out­doorsy types will ap­pre­ci­ate the TG-5’S ver­sa­tile skill set


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