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How to block spoil­ers from so­cial me­dia

It’s a pain when you have to o cold turkey on so­cial me­dia to avoid spoil­ers from your favourite shows. For­tu­nately, we have some so­lu­tions that don’t in­volve lockin your­self in a room with­out Wi-fi:

● Get Un­spoiler We be­gin with the nu­clear op­tion. Un­spoiler (un­ is a Chrome ex­ten­sion that will cen­sor all head­lines and so­cial me­dia posts that men­tion any of the key terms or words that you’ve cho­sen to black­list. ● Fil­ter Face­book Since Un­spoiler works on any site you ac­cess via your Chrome browser, those red sen­sor boxes can feel ob­tru­sive. But the FB Pu­rity ex­ten­sion (fbpu­ only tar­gets Face­book, and lets you hide any post that men­tions your cho­sen show.

● Si­lence Twit­ter Twit­ter is the eas­i­est site to cen­sor. Sim­ply dig into the set­tings, click ‘mute’ and you can fil­ter out any word or phrase you de­sire.

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