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We ap­pre­ci­ate that peo­ple don’t of­ten think about a world in which Plays­ta­tion con­trollers give birth to chil­dren – but we think you’ll agree that, if they did, those kids would prob­a­bly look like Hori’s Wired Mini Gamepad. This of­fi­cially li­censed con­troller re­tains all the im­por­tant but­tons from its full-size coun­ter­part, but some have been shrunken down to work in the smaller form fac­tor. It’s clearly aimed at younger play­ers with lit­tle hands – it even has a teeny touch­pad. Some­what dis­ap­point­ingly, this is a wired pad, but the cord is man­age­able at 3m long. On the plus side, that cord will make it much harder for ju­nior gamers – not al­ways the best losers – to throw it out of the win­dow. from £25 / plays­ta­tion.com

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