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● Edge NQ (£3500)

As well as Wi-fi and the other wire­less tech al­ready men­tioned, the NQ streamer also has coax­ial, op­ti­cal and USB in­puts, so you’re cov­ered if you ever de­cide you haven’t given up on ca­bles af­ter all.

● Edge A (£4500)

This in­te­grated amp has the abil­ity to de­liver 100 Watts of power, and it has aptx HD Blue­tooth plus op­ti­cal, coax­ial and USB in­puts – so all you re­ally need to add is a pair of equally deca­dent speak­ers.

● Edge W (£2500)

A good old-fash­ioned 100W power amp, the Edge W lacks the new-fan­gled in­puts or con­nec­tiv­ity you’ll find on the other two. That makes it the cheap­est of the bunch, al­though ‘cheap’ is hardly the word.

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