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Is that a pro­jec­tor in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Re­lieved to con­firm that, yes, it is a pro­jec­tor. And a flip­pin’ teeny one at that. If you’re like us and spend count­less hours ev­ery week pe­rus­ing crowd­fund­ing sites, you’ll know that minia­ture pro­jec­tors are hav­ing a bit of a phase. Whether it’s be­cause of the World Cup or the soar­ing prices of cinema tick­ets, peo­ple are go­ing nuts for those por­ta­ble beam­ers… and so it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore one of the big guns waded in. Thus, the Sony MP-CD1.

In­ter­est­ing. What can it do?

It’s not go­ing to floor you with specs, but that’s not the point. Sony’s pitch­ing its diminu­tive de­vice as the ideal por­ta­ble com­pan­ion for gamers, film fans and suited types who want an easy way to su­per­size their pre­sen­ta­tions. De­spite not be­ing much larger than a smart­phone, the MP-CD1 can project an image up to 120in in size from a dis­tance of 3.5m. You won’t be hold­ing movie nights in a cup­board, but this Sony should work fine in small­ish rooms.

Chuck some more num­bers at me!

Al­right then. The pro­jec­tor is rated at 105 lu­mens, with a res­o­lu­tion of 854x480. Again, not spec­tac­u­lar, but you’re car­ry­ing a cinema in your god­dam pocket – and Sony’s in­cluded a ‘dy­namic’ mode to give bright­ness and colours a boost. Be­sides, it’ll only cost you $400, which is de­cent for a pro­jec­tor. It also packs in au­to­matic key­stone cor­rec­tion, so it can beam images from a flat sur­face with­out need­ing a tri­pod. Pro­vid­ing you have the wob­ble-re­straint of a skilled sur­geon, you could tech­ni­cally do it from the palm of your hand.

Right, I’m al­ready plan­ning my pri­vate screen­ing of The God­fa­ther tril­ogy in the bath­room. Doable?

Maybe not all three at once. The built-in 5000mah bat­tery should be good to keep on beamin’ for two hours – enough for a movie from a lap­top or a de­cent gaming ses­sion on your PS4, both of which can eas­ily be hooked up via HDMI.

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