Clean like your granny did

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Scrub up with store cup­board reme­dies in­stead of chem­i­cals – the old ways are the best!

Bi­car­bon­ate of soda re­move tea stains from crock­ery Sprin­kle onto a warm, damp­ened cup, rub over stain with a cloth, then rinse. Clean the oven Ap­ply a thick paste made with wa­ter to the in­side, leave overnight, then scrape off and wipe clean – a great re­sult with no chem­i­cal smell. Get show­er­heads sparkling Tie a sand­wich bag with a mix of soda and vine­gar over a show­er­head overnight. Scrub off de­posits then flush through. Get a clean loo Spray bowl with white vine­gar then sprin­kle with soda. Al­low to fizz and re­act, then scrub and flush.

Lemons De-scale taps Wrap a cloth soaked in lemon juice around taps and leave for an hour. Scrub with an old tooth­brush, rinse. Blocked spouts Push the cut end of half a lemon over the spout and leave overnight to tackle gunky build up. Freshen the mi­crowave Place a cup of boil­ing wa­ter mixed with the juice of half a lemon in­side and heat for 30 sec­onds, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Deodorise the fridge Halve a lemon, scoop out the flesh then fill with salt and pop in the fridge. Clean chop­ping boards Rub half a lemon over the board then scrub to re­move smells and help dis­in­fect it.

White vine­gar shine win­dows Spray a 50:50 vine­gar/ wa­ter so­lu­tion on win­dows, then pol­ish with scrunched news­pa­per. Deal with dirty bath­room grout Spray on, leave for five min­utes then scrub with an old tooth­brush be­fore rins­ing. Ban nasty niffs Boil a cup of dis­tilled white vine­gar with a cou­ple of cloves to rid the kitchen of cook­ing smells. re­move residue from scis­sors Wipe blades with a cloth dipped in vine­gar to re­move sticky grime from scis­sors.

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