Macrame planters

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With 1970s macrame back in fash­ion, we’re lov­ing these funky hang­ing plant hold­ers

Takes 30mins skill level

8m Tek Tek T-shirt fab­ric yarn, £1.35 for 10m, ebay Tape mea­sure Fab­ric scis­sors Plant pot of your choice

Lay the fab­ric yarn flat on the floor and cut into eight 1m lengths. Take all eight strands and tie into one large knot, ap­prox­i­mately 2 inches from one end. At this point, we rec­om­mend sus­pend­ing the knot from a coat hanger and work­ing with the strands hang­ing down, rather than on a flat sur­face, so it’s eas­ier to see where you are knot­ting. Di­vide the strands into pairs so you have four group­ings of two. Take one strand from each neigh­bour­ing group and knot to­gether about 2 inches from the large knot. Re­peat all the way around. Re­peat the above step to cre­ate a sec­ond row of knots, 2 inches above the pre­vi­ous. Re­peat un­til you have enough rows to stretch over your plant pot (we had three rows of knots for a 13cm di­am­e­ter pot). Place your con­tainer into the cen­tre of the net, so the bot­tom rests on the large cen­tral knot. Fill the pot with your cho­sen plant and bunch to­gether all the yarn strands, then hang from a hook on the wall to dis­play.

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