Cake pops

Make choco­late-cov­ered Marsh­mal­lows in­stead of cake pops. dip into Melted choco­late and cover with sprin­kles

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Takes 2hrs Makes 12 300g choco­late cake 3tbsp choco­late but­ter­cream 300g dark candy but­tons 3 types of ed­i­ble sprin­kles 12 x 20cm lolly sticks

1 Crum­ble the choco­late cake into a bowl. Add just enough but­ter­cream so that it binds to­gether. Shape into 12 balls and place on bak­ing parch­ment on a board. Chill for 1 hr. 2 melt the candy but­tons in a heat­proof bowl over a pan of sim­mer­ing water (don’t let the water touch the bowl). 3 Dip the end of a lol­lipop stick into the melted candy but­tons and press into one of the balls. Re­peat with all the sticks and balls. Leave for a few mins for the choco­late to set. 4 Dip the choco­late balls into the melted candy but­tons and let the ex­cess drip off. Dip the tops into the sprin­kles. Put the sticks in a jar while they set.

add a pop of Colour

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